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John Hopkins university
United States

John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University research university Fall in love with Baltimore and John Hopkins University! Established in 1876 by the Quaker abolitionist, John Hopkins University is a highly prestigious private research institute, located in Baltimore. The university has recently received a great deal of global attention, since its efforts to track COVID-19, from late 2019 onwards,…

Fordham University ny
United States

Fordham University

Fordham University – is it right for me? Get to know more about Fordham University! Established in 1841, Fordham University is a private research university located in New York, run in line with Jesuit educational principles: service; respect for the individual; the pursuit of excellence. The president of Fordham is always a Jesuit, and every…

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
United States

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: choose the top

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best university MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is considered the best university in the world, and offers students an unparalleled opportunity to push the boundaries of knowledge and become leaders and innovators in their field of expertise. Admissions criteria: MIT has a holistic approach to candidates and many students…

high school in america
United States

High School in America

High school in America: which are the advantages? Studying can become repetitive and stale, with the long race down an ever-narrowing corridor towards a big hurdle: the end of school examinations. But it does not have to be like this! After all, learning should be exciting and challenging; it should inspire the imagination and expand…

Study in California, USA

Study in California Study in California at the University of California, Santa Barbara Study in California and gain the experience! Inspiring and creative classes, and  beautiful beaches and unforgettable sunsets in your free time. Sounds interesting? We invite you to a webinar with representatives of the University of California, Santa Barbara! On 29 July at…

Art courses in The USA, Scotland and Denmark

Art studies – what do they look like and what exactly are they? Are such studies a good choice? Where did the belief that artistic majors do not give a chance to quickly find a good and interesting job come from? Most likely from a misunderstanding of the idea of ​​artistic studies and an impractical…