Study in the UK

Study in the UK

Elab has assisted over 3,000 students to study in the UK. 


With such a wealth of experience we are well placed to help you to choose the right course and university to study in the UK, depending on your strengths and interests.  Our close links with British universities, our database of universities and courses, and our experienced, pro-active consultants will:

  • Provide guidelines and plans for the application process.
  • Review your application documents.
  • Provide access to our extensive Mentor Programme, as required.
  • Prepare you for any required admission tests or interviews (e.g. TSA, BMAT, UCAT, LNAT, HAT, IELTS, etc).
  • Submit your UCAS application forms.
  • Offer post-submission assistance to secure a university place.
  • Provide practical advice on everything about study in the UK, including accommodation and costs.

British universities have an excellent reputation, so whether you are thinking of going to Oxford or Cambridge, or studying art and design on the South Coast, engineering in Manchester or medicine at King’s College, contact us. We can help!

Study in the UK - studia w anglii - Studiare nel Regno Unito

Study in the UK with Elab

UK Study Programs

Get in MED

The medical programme is designed for students with a passion for subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics who would like to study medicine in the UK, or other countries offering English-based courses


This programme focuses on working with mentors in order to produce an excellent portfolio and prepare for interview to study in the UK at the world’s most renowned and outstanding art schools and architectural institutes.


The university of Oxford and the university of Cambridge have featured at the top of the world’s academic rankings, producing famous scholars, artists, philosophers, scientists and politicians.

Liberal Arts

This programme is designed for students interested in humanities, social sciences, philosophy, literature, law and politics.

Science and Technology

Elab’s science and technology programme supports students who wish to study undergraduate courses in STEM fields.

Get Ready 2 Study

The aim of this programme is to encourage and guide applicants to take one of the most important decisions of their lives and choose the right course to study at university.

Start your UK Application

First step: create a bulletproof strategy for getting into a top UK unversity. We can help.

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