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Study in the USA program will prepare you to apply to all American universities, including the prestigious Ivy League. Elab’s applicants are currently studying in universities such as Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania as well as NYU, the University of Chicago and the University of California.

Study in the USA – Gaining a degree in the USA is an investment in your future, since it opens doors to an international career, both in the business world and in postgraduate studies.

The USA application process differs from those found in Europe, since it is not centralised and therefore we can help you apply to a far larger number of universities.

Applicants to the top American universities must not only demonstrate outstanding academic achievement (good grades), pass entrance exams (e.g. SAT), but also be active outside school (volunteering, sports, additional projects). Candidates should have a keen interest in the areas they wish to study in order to be able to debate specific topics freely during interviews or in application essays. The applicant should also demonstrate refined presentation and logical thinking skills.

Study in the USA – How can Elab help you?

Our premium programs can offer you individualised and workshop options (SATelite). Each program is personalised to meet the needs of the applicant, and this process begins with a series of external diagnostic tests, which will determine your strengths and interests, as well as areas which need further support.

The strongest applications are based on standing out from the crowd and emphasising your personal academic interests and achievements. We will work together to present an excellent personal statement and decide on the best strategy for maximising your chances of securing a place. In addition, we will choose and put you in touch with a mentor who is already studying your chosen course in the USA, and who will not only help us to build a comprehensive picture of your abilities, but will also provide you with guidance on essay writing, SAT/ACT or TOEFL entry examinations, course content and the reality of life at the university of your dreams.

We provide:

Consultant assistance: each of our applicants will be allocated a personal consultant in Poland who has the professional experience and knowledge to prepare your applications and monitor and check every detail. Your consultant will oversee the development of your competencies and support you in building an excellent candidate profile, provide an essential reading list, and guide you during your SAT, ACT, TOEFL examination preparations and writing application essays. Consultants also ensure that your application contains all the required documents and is submitted on time.

Mentor assistance: each of our applicants is allocated a mentor in the USA, namely someone who is studying at one of the best American universities. The mentor is responsible for managing the content of the application and helps you with application texts, choosing the right university and interview preparation – as well as guiding you through the academic application process and how to apply for grants and scholarships.

Tutor assistance: a key element in the application process is the SAT examination, along with additional papers on SAT subjects. Elab works with the best tutors in Poland, who have many years’ experience and great success in preparing students for this type of exam.


Our premium service also includes SATelite workshops, which take place in our Warsaw offices and run for 96 hours, as well as the support of mentors studying at the best universities in the USA and guidance from our Warsaw-based consultants. By taking part in the SATelite program, you can increase your initial marks by as much as 400!

We will be happy to go through all your options, either over the phone or during a face to face consultation.

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