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GMAT / GRE Test Programme

GMAT / GRE TEST Programme is essential for getting accepted onto postgraduate management and business courses, particularly if you are interested in getting into an MBA program.


Admissions departments place a great deal of emphasis on how well applicants score in the tests and it is commonly agreed that you should start preparing for the exams a number of months in advance.


GMAT / GRE TEST Programme will teach you the time management, thinking skills and techniques you need to do well – irrespective of which examination you are going to sit. The program will cover verbal and quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and essay drafting and structures, and is run by highly experienced tutors.


If you are trying to decide between the two options, as a rule of thumb, business schools tend to prefer the GMAT, since it is only required for business programs, whereas the GRE can be used to apply to a wide range of postgraduate courses. People who sit the GMAT are therefore demonstrating their commitment to gaining an MBA.


Researchers do not agree on how many hours’ preparation are needed before sitting the exams, with estimates ranging from 60-200 hours. What they do all agree on, however, is that it is essential to prepare well in advance, to be familiar with the format of each section and to practise answering questions within rigid time constraints.

Elab’s program will provide you with an insider’s view of what to expect, the tools you need  to tackle each section and show you how to maximise your score.

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