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Elab's Story

Elab Study Abroad was founded in 2012 by two young Polish entrepreneurs who enjoyed the benefits of studying in the UK and the US and wanted to share that experience. 

In 8 years of working with students, Elab Study Abroad has submitted over 6,000 applications to study abroad and grown into a company assisting students through offices in Milan, Warsaw and London.

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Elab Success Stories

Meet our Alumni all over the world!

Studying abroad - Our Universities

ELAB clients have accepted places at universities such as:
Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard, Bocconi, UCL, King’s College, La Sapienza
University of Rome, University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Boston University, Sciences Po, London Business
School, LSE, Delft University, St. Andrews, Melbourne University, Rotterdam Business School and at many, many others.

We are partnered with more than 90 prestigious higher education institutions across the world

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