Study in the US

Study in the US

Study in the US – great universities; great choice

The USA has a huge range of great universities with amazing facilities. In addition,because the country is large and incredibly diverse it offers a  great variety of experiences and conditions, depending on where you choose to study. Do you want to study in New York or California, Chicago or Colorado? You are spoilt for choice and Elab can help you make that choice.

Study in the US – TOP ranked US universities

The Ivy League is renowned for its outstanding lecturers, excellent research facilities and high standards. Only the best of the best are offered a place but you still have a chance, and if  you are accepted, the experience will be life-changing. A number of the top universities offer generous bursaries, so if you are gifted and apply to the right university then studying in the US  is not too costly . However, bear in mind that, in the longer term, the career and associated financial benefits of getting into an Ivy League or top ranked US university can be immense, as compared to choosing a lower ranked US university or studying locally. Since you can apply to numerous universities, we always recommend students to aim high but also apply to a few “bankers” just in case final exams don’t go as planned, for whatever reason.

Additionally, sportsmen can benefit from great scholarship programs. Unlike most European systems, the study in the US application process is generally not centralised, however the number of applications you can submit  is unlimited. You will need to ensure  your entrance exam scores for applicable SATGMAT, GRE, or ACT and TOEFL tests are as high as possible, however sport programs allow more flexibility on these results. We offer a wide range of tools to prepare you for the exams and maximise your potential. Of course, we will need support and commitment from the applicant throughout the process to get the best results.

Studia w Stanach Zjednoczonych - Study in the US - Studiare negli Stati Uniti

Study in the USA offers foreign students infinite possibilities, so enjoy the journey with Elab as we help you choose whether  to study in a vibrant city like Chicago, apply to a Californian university and enjoy life on the Pacific coast, or opt for the elegance of the historic East Coast, from Rhode Island to Massachusetts. America has it all.

Study in the US - improve your odds

Each applicant is allocated a personal Consultant familiar with the US application process. The Consultant is part of a team specialised in this area and supervised by a Team Leader. Based on an initial assessment, questionnaire and Morrisby Diagnostic Tests we will then begin the preparationof a personalised study and application plan.

Based on your initial assessment your dedicated Consultant will do further research, prepare a report on suitable universities and courses and provide information and guidance on the application process.

US universities require details of extracurricular activities over and above simple academic results and a personal statement. The higher ranked the university, the more important these become. Elab will assist with suggestions and a plan to improve your candidate profile and placement opportunities. 

Elab has a great group of experienced Consultants and programs to help you on this journey, however we also have a large network of contracted mentors on site in universities, to ensure your application submission reflects your best attributes and skills to suit the course.

After assessing our candidates we will prepare a suggested study, mentor, or workshop program for SAT exam prepTOEFL/IELTS test, interviews or other mandatory tests/essays.

Our Consultants will answer all your questions on accommodation, costs and other issues associated with studying in the US.

Having completed our personalised program we will do a final review of the submission to ensure it is complete and submitted on time to all the universities and courses we have selected on this journey.

We have placed students in the following universities:

  • Harvard
  • University of California Berkeley
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • New York University (NYU)
  • NYU Shanghai
  • University of Chicago
  • University of East Carolina
  • University of California L.A.
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Boston University
  • Boston University
  • Fordham University
  • Fordham University
  • North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Parsons School of Design

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