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studia w europie - study in europe - studiare in europa

Study in Europe

Study in Europe - Tuition fees, degrees, universities

Study in Europe sounds good? Are you torn between studying architecture in the UK and art in Italy? Or deciding between Business and Management at Bocconi  or  LSE? Do you want to enjoy the wonderful variety of events and experiences offered by Rotterdam, but are equally inclined to join friends or family in Denmark? Are you worried about the costs of studying in the UK? Let Elab help!

Study in Europe - choose your destination

More and more universities in mainland Europe are now offering courses in the English language, while  a number of well-known UK universities are opening campuses in mainland Europe. With the UK leaving Europe this trend will only accelerate and the choice of destination and courses will need to expand to meet the demand of EU students not willing to pay the additional cost of studying in the UK from  September 2021.

The good news is that Elab has been successfully sending students to European universities for years. Our extremely popular Europa programme will provide you with the detailed knowledge you need to assess all your options and help you to make applications to up to four universities in the more sought after destinations in Europe.

Your dedicated Consultant will take you through a comparative analysis of countries, universities and courses, and combine this with a professional diagnostic assessment and one-to-one evaluation of entry requirements, costs, course content and practical guidelines.

Study in Europe - lots of great options!

The Europa programme covers applications to four popular universities in Europe, excluding the UK. If you want to include the UK in your country choices, we will prepare in addition a standard UCAS offer which includes up to 5 universities at the preliminary stage of application, at no extra cost.

studia w europie - studiare in europa - study in europe programme

Study in Europe

Contact Elab today for further details and get admitted to study at top universities in Europe! We will be there every step of the way.

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