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US Sport Scholarships

US Sport Scholarships

US Universities offer a generous range of US sport scholarships to athletes who excel in their chosen sporting discipline. The facilities are second to none enjoying the full support of the university establishment.

Certain universities have certain specialisations and since being at the top of your game is in itself a significant investment in time and effort, SAT entrance requirements for the selected athletes are between 10% – 20% lower than for other applicants.

Our Sport Scholarship program is for ambitious students aspiring to go to a highly ranked university offering sports scholarships alongside a challenging academic program.

We believe it is important for students to have alternate career options besides their chosen sport.

After consultation with the student and our assessment, we will identify the best universities for your particular sport and aspirations. Our service then assumes a dual process.

From the sport scholarship perspective Elab will:

  • Contacting trainers in your chosen field of sport and initial introductions
  • Assist in producing a highlights video to showcase your talents
  • Gathering other evidence trainers may require to support your case
  • Manage your profile and communication with the NCAA and the interested trainers.

From the university application process Elab will:

  • Select and discuss universities
  • Share details of the application process
  • Provide a mentor to assist with preparation and required documentation
  • Provide a tutor to deliver the SAT preparation to achieve the necessary results
  • Provide advice and support with extra-curricular activities
  • Provide further support and advice on moving to the USA

Naturally at the end of the day much of the onus rests on the student, however, Elab is there every step of the way providing information, guidance, and support.  Over the years, we have helped students specialised in the following sports: golf, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, American football, athletics, netball, and hockey.

US Sport Scholarships

Over the years, we have helped students who specialise in the following sports: golf, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, American football, athletics, netball and hockey.

Please contact our Consultants for further details!

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