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UC Davis

UC Davis started life as the state of California’s agricultural college and became amalgamated into the University of California in 1959. Its historical roots can be seen to this very day, since it is ranked No…

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East Carolina University

Overview Accommodation and catering facilities at East Carolina University Sports facilities Costs The application process for east Carolina University What do students say about studying at East Carolina University? And finally… Overview Situated in Greenville,…

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Why study abroad?

Personal benefits of studying abroad And this is why you should study abroad Also important is that Academic benefits of studying abroad Different approach Cultural benefits of studying abroad Costs And finally… In 2023,over six…

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The Ivy League

What is the Ivy League? The Ivy League is made up of eight elite northwestern universities in the USA. It was originally conceived as an athletic league, to encourage the schools to play each other,…

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Extracurricular activities

Why do extracurricular activities matter? Differentiating between extracurricular activities and deciding what to mention Is travel an extracurricular activity? Academic extracurricular activities – do they matter? Volunteering extracurricular activities Extracurricular activities: Teamwork and leadership Extracurricular…


Careers of the future

Chat GPT, Bard et al. – what are they and will they take our jobs in the future? Tay bot experiment Careers of the future – the robots are coming! Robots do not have an…

Gamsat exam - egzamin gamsat
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The GAMSAT The Graduate Medical School Admission Test, or GAMSAT, is used to select candidates for admission  to a Graduate Entry Program to study dentistry, medicine, optometry, veterinary science and pharmacy in the UK, Australia…

job on campus

Jobs on campus

Job on campus – how to get one, and where to look for it! Why get jobs on campus? There are many benefits to getting a jobs on campus – apart from the obvious one…

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