advantages of studying abroad

What are the advantages of studying abroad?

The advantages of studying abroad – an overview There are many advantages of studying abroad, and the latest statistics bear this out. In 2020, 5.8 million young people decided to take this huge and exciting step and apply to foreign universities. This figure is predicted to rise to 8 million by 2025. The following table illustrates the…

job on campus

Jobs on campus

Jobs on campus – how to get one, and where to look for it! Why get jobs on campus? There are many benefits to getting a jobs on campus – apart from the obvious one of earning a little money to make university life more comfortable, reducing worries caused by financial stress and expanding your…

Florida University
United States

The University of Florida

Overview of the University of Florida Established in 1853, the University of Florida is a leading land-grant research university, rated R1 for research output and ranked in sixth place among the USA’s public universities, and 154th globally. Located two miles away from the city of Gainesville, in north central Florida,  the campus is suburban and…

advanced placement

What is Advanced Placement?

In the US, high school students are able to gain credits by following a college-level curriculum and sitting examinations while still at school. Advanced Placement, or AP, has no set syllabus, since the classes are created by teachers and have to comply with guidelines and standards set by the College Board, which started organising AP…

private universities
General General General General General General

Public and private universities – what is the difference?

The basic differences between public and private universities all stem from one source – funding. Public universities are funded by the state and operate on a non-profit basis, whereas private universities are financed by alumni, donors, private organisations, endowments and the tuition fees paid by students, and some – though not all – are run…


The International Baccalaureate (IB)

What is the IB programme? Launched in 1968 in Switzerland, the International Baccalaureate is now taught all over the world, in over 4.000 schools and 145 countries. The standardized global curriculum is committed to cross-cultural, holistic and creative education, which will produce socially-focused young people, who are culturally understanding and connected to society in a…



10 reasons why this will help your application and why you should do it straight away! Volunteering is good for you, good for the community and a valuable asset when you are applying for a place at university. These days, getting excellent grades is often not enough for securing an offer on a course, for…


The University of Boston

The University of Boston is a large, private research institution, and was established in 1839 when it had strong links to the Methodist church. Over time, the university became non-denominational. The alma mater of Martin Luther King, it was the first university in the US to award a PhD to a woman. It currently offers…

gap year

Gap Year

Is a gap year a good idea? After attending school from the age of 5 or so to 18, it is not surprising that the idea of taking a gap year – a 12 month break – before starting college or university may seem very appealing. But beware – a gap year does not involve…