Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark

Denmark is often voted the happiest country in the world to live and offers a welcoming and modern environment in which to study. 


To study in Denmark you don’t have to pay tuition fees (for EU citizens), and the emphasis is on acquiring practical skills and applying theoretical knowledge by taking part in projects run by multinational companies. Teaching is personalised and takes place in small groups. Students are viewed as active partners, who work with their lecturers to acquire the skills they need to build an outstanding career. 

In recent years Denmark has reduced the number of universities and options available to foreign students, however Elab through its partner universities can help you find a suitable place. Elab offers premium support for applications to Copenhagen Business School, Alborg, or Aarchus university.


Applying to Study in Denmark


Danish universities accept European final exam results. However, it is equally important to demonstrate that you have completed a required number of hours in the subjects which you intend to study. All teaching in Denmark is carried out in English, and therefore Danish universities require applicants to pass an English test. You can sit the test at Elab’s offices.

A number of universities hold short interviews in order to get to know their applicants.


The Application process to study in Denmark


Denmark uses the Optagelse central system to process its applications. This opens in February.

Elab can assist on a pro-bono basis to help you gather and prepare the following documents, and make your application submission: 

  • School certificate.

  • English language test results.

  • Personal Statement and References if requested.

  • Application forms – which can be  supplied by Elab. 

  • Certificate stating the number of hours you were taught in those subjects you intend to study in Denmark. 

Contact Elab. We can help you prepare a professional application on a pro-bono basis.

Studia w Danii - studiare in danimarca - study in denmark

Start your Denmark Application

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