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SAT Test

SAT Test – Preparing for the test

Applicants who wish to study in the USA must typically pass the SAT test (Scholastic Achievement Test), a test which evaluates subject-specific knowledge. The test is a standardised test used to evaluate applicants in the admission process. Each college sets its own standards for applicants, with the more prestigious universities requiring the highest grades.

Elab runs workshops on a regular basis with experienced tutors to help students to prepare for SAT’s through an intense programme. Workshops are held at weekends and run for 16 sessions of 6 hours each. The aim of these workshops is to ensure that applicants pass the test with a score at least 20 per cent higher than originally projected. 

SAT Test – what does it comprise?

SAT is a written examination made up of four sections: 

  • reading - comprehension
  • writing - grammar and usage
  • mathematics - algebra, problem solving, data analysis, passport to advanced math, geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus
  • Essay (optional)

The entire test, including the optional essay, lasts 3 hours and 50 minutes and is intended to measure literacy, numeracy and writing skills that are required for academic success in college. The intention is to assess how well test-takers analyse and solve problems.

The top score achievable in the main SAT is 1600 points, and admission to the top tier US universities hinges on gaining over 1500 points. Lower ranked universities, whilst still excellent options, will naturally take lower scores.  

Our lecturers and Mentors work closely with our students over the programme to ensure they are well-prepared for sitting the SAT test and score as high as possible to increase their university choices. 

Outline of the programme

Elab’s courses are structured as follows (a more detailed plan is available on enrolment): 

Please contact our Consultants for further details or to book a place on our next workshop.

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