Study in Italy

Study in Italy

Study in Italy – a land of ancient history and culture

Study in Italy – in the country that is not only a wonderful, colourful and richly historical tourist destination, it is also home to a number of Europe’s most highly rated institutions of higher education.

Italy is an affordable study destination, with reasonable tuition fees and living costs, as well as high-quality teaching and research output. There are currently 186 undergraduate courses being taught in English and, depending on the environment you are seeking and your interests, you are spoilt for choice in Italy.

Study in Italy: Rome

If you enjoy urban life then the splendour and bustle of Rome will appeal to you and you will find a broad range of courses at La Sapienza, ranked third in the country, the acclaimed,  modern Tor Vertgata  or LUISS.

Study in Italy: Milan

Milan, the epicenter of fashion, style, and design,  nurtures the artistic spirit and is home to the outstanding University of Milan and the Polytechnic University of Milan,  as well as world-renowned Bocconi and Cattolica, and the European Institute of Design.

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Where to study in Italy in english?

  • Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice
  • University of Bologna
  • University of Padua
  • University of Turin

Study in Italy in English –  from Statistical Sciences to Italian,  Medieval and Renaissance studies – and everything in between. Italy boasts 69  public universities and has 32,000 international students currently working towards their degrees all across this geographically diverse and culturally fascinating country.

And do not forget amazing Italian cuisine, the country’s lakes, mountains and beaches and wonderful weather – studying in Italy will enrich every aspect of your life and provide you with internationally recognised qualifications.

One of the best known facts about Italy is that it is  packed with historic treasures. As of 2019, Italy is home to 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including  gems like the Colosseum in Rome, the city of Pompeii, the gondoliers and canals of Venice , the beauty of Florence, and the glorious Amalfi Coast.

Which Italian university should I choose?

The table, below, provides an overview of  popular bachelor’s courses taught in English at highly-rated Italian universities.

Number of International Students
Popular courses taught in English at undergraduate level
National Rankings
14, 700 / 14,6%
Economic and Social Sciences Economics and Management for Arts Culture and Communication Economics, Management and Computer Science International Economics and Finance International Economics and Management International Politics and Government World Bachelor in Business
115,300 / 6%
Sustainable Building Engineering Applied Computer Science and AI Classics Global Humanities Bioinformatics Nursing;
Spain, Italy - Florence, Rome and Turin - and Brazil.
Fashion Stylist Product Design Interior Design
44,000 / 9%
International Relations and Global Affairs, Communications Management, Finance Food Production Management, Medicine and Surgery, Psychology
82 000 / 8,5%
Economics, Politics, Social Sciences, Economics and Business Management, Economics and Finance, International Relations and Diplomatic, Affairs, Statistical Sciences, Genomics, Economics of Tourism, Business and Economics,
62 800 - 6%
Artificial Intelligence, International Politics, Law and Economics,
76,800 - 6%
Smart Agriculture, Animal Nutrition and Food Safety, English and American Studies, Food Systems, Philosophy.
23,000 - 4%
Business Administration, Digital Management, Economics and Business, Philosophy, International and Economic Studies.
47,000 - 16%
Architectural Design, Civil Engineering.
61,860 - 4%
Information Engineering, Italian, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Psychological Science, Animal Care.
34,000 - 6 %
Industrial Engineering, Economics and Finance
9,200 - 13%
Management and Computer Science, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Economics and Business -Majors: Economics, Finance or Management.

Study in Italy - University selection and application process

Study in Italy – With such a wide choice of universities and courses, narrowing down the selection and understanding the application criteria and the process can be quite difficult and time-consuming. Let us help.

Contact us at Elab  and we will  work with you and give you the guidance and  practical information  you need to choose the best course and most suitable university in your field .

The application process to Study in Italy

Once you have chosen your course and university, we will take you through the Italian university application process. Elab will ensure that you have met all academic entry requirements and have the necessary documentation to submit an impressive application. 

Since you are applying to study a course in English, you will need to submit evidence of language proficiency at B2 level. Both IELTS and TOEFL certificates are accepted, and you should aim to score 6- 6.5 and 80-90 respectively.

Deadlines for applications for most universities are set between the end of January and February. Do not leave it until the last minute.

Study in Italy with Elab, how we can help you:

  • Our Consultants and Mentors have personal experience of many of the country’s leading higher education institutions and can give you a full picture of what to expect and will take you through the entire application process, step by step.
  • Personal Assessment and Diagnostics - we will assess your personal strengths and skills, run diagnostics tests and provide you with a report on findings and recommendations.
  • University and course - we will provide you with a detailed report on a selection of universities which you can then discuss with your dedicated Consultant.
  • Further information - we will provide you with information on study duration, course content, tuition fees, accommodation and living costs.
  • Entrance Exam Prep - many of Italy’s well-respected and prestigious universities require applicants to sit an entrance test – for example, Rome’s famous La Sapienza, which offers courses in nursing, biotechnology, physics, maths, chemistry etc. All Italian universities which run courses in medicine and surgery require a pass in the IMAT and set entrance exams.

Scholarships and student loans to Study in Italy

Our office based in Milan has a partnership with local banks and institutions which are offering student loans. Italian universities provide generous scholarships of 5,000-12,000 euros a year. Cattolica’s scholarships, for example,  give a 30 percent reduction on annual costs, while the University of Padua runs an International Excellence Scholarship Programme for talented students, which covers all your costs, while Bocconi offers merit-based scholarships, with 50-100 per cent tuition waivers, and EDISU Piedmonte scholarships provide merit scholarships for students at the University of Turin. You can also apply for financial aid directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  International students are treated equally to domestic students and therefore have the same rights to financial assistance. Government scholarships at the national and regional levels are open to international applicants. Ask us how you can finance your studies in Italy and we will explain the many options open to you for securing financial aid.

Other assistance available

Elab can assist you with obtaining any (non-EU) visa you may require to study in Italy.

We will also help you to find accommodation, and provide you with information on costs and local customs, religious holidays and practical matters such as opening a bank account and getting a mobile contract, etc. Just call or drop us an email and we can start organizing your application to study in magical Italy.

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