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Universities Overseas  – How can I find a university abroad? 

Make the dream of studying overseas come true. Over the years, Elab has helped hundreds of more ambitious, or highly talented students obtain places at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. This is not easy, and we are very proud of our contribution and success record.

The best universities overseas have a 5% – 7% acceptance rate for applicants – and that is after any initial foreign student quotas, which can also limit foreign applications to 5% – 10%.
In brief, only outstanding students get in.

Emilia – Creative Business, University Of Applied Sciences

I recommend studying abroad to everyone. Thanks to this, you will discover about other countries, cultures, languages, and you will meet new people from every part of the world.

Elab's Support - How can I get into dream university abroad?

To maximise your chances Elab offers a comprehensive range of programmes, depending on what and where you decide to study. If you are not sure now, we will help you make that decision based on a professional personality profile test and a few hours spent with our consultants analysing the results and building a plan.

For the best results, the process can take 2-3 years of planning, preparation, and activities. Parents enjoy our professional support in an area they often find daunting, whilst for the student this process can be highly motivational. This motivational element is probably the biggest benefit from our programmes – it focusses a student’s mind on the future and gives them a road map at a time when many of them are unsure of what to do next and feeling overwhelmed. 

Our applicants also enjoy the fact it is a third-party professional guiding them rather than their parents since this lets them take some ownership of their lives and get on with it.

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Elab has a global students and menthors staff, and we’re committed to attracting the brightest students to study at the universities overseas. Elab has helped students study all over the world at many great universities. Whatever the final choice, the experience and resulting personal development are life-changing. We are here to help those dreams come true and maximise our students’ potential.

Here is a selection of the world-renowned universities overseas where Elab's applicants have been accepted:

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Our international community

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