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Are you ambitious and planning to study at Oxford or study at Cambridge?

The university of Oxford and the university of Cambridge have featured at the top of the world’s academic rankings for hundreds of years, producing famous scholars, artists, philosophers, scientists and politicians.

 Oxford and Cambridge application preparation should commence at least a year in advance of the application deadline of October 15th. The deadline is earlier than other universities, very competitive, and involves several additional stages. 

Elab’s experienced Premium Consultants have years of experience with Oxbridge applications. It is a very competitive process with places oversubscribed at the more popular courses by up to 5:1. Most of our applicants have been invited for a final interview and our success rate with placements is 50% higher than the national average. 

Elab’s Consultants will maximise your chance of being accepted to study in Oxford or Cambridge by providing:

Preparation and Assessment – preliminary discussions with Consultants to analyse needs, abilities and expectations, including Morrisby Diagnostic Tests, if required

Course selection  – based on analysis and diagnostic tests we will suggest the courses and colleges best suited to our applicant’s profile for consideration

Study Plan  – preparation of a personal plan including application, exam prep, extra lessons and scheduling. 


Oxford and Cambridge set entry examinations for all their candidates and these form an integral part of the application process. 


Typically, examinations are held in autumn in Warsaw.

The majority of our preparatory work will thus concentrate on ensuring applicants are adequately prepared to sit both the entry papers and attend interviews.


Application Process and Documentation Support – to ensure that your application, and all your documentary evidence and supporting material is professionally presented to maximise your chance of being invited for an interview. Elab’s Mentor Programme will work with the applicant and Consultant on the Personal Statements and References to ensure that your documents match and meet the admissions criteria and expectations.

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