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Study Overseas Preparation Programme Unsure of what to do? Still wondering what career to follow in the future, or what course to study? 

Study Overseas Preparation Programme is for you  If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, then Get Ready To Study is the programme  for you! The aim of Study Overseas Programme is to encourage and guide applicants to take one of the most important decisions of their lives and choose the right course to study at university in the UK.

We believe that this decision cannot be a random or impulsive, but rather a choice based on an objective assessment of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as his or her natural talents. Elab will help each candidate find their path and encourage them to weigh up and evaluate all the options open to them – before they make the choice which is right for them.

Outline of the Study Overseas Programme

Choosing the right educational path is one of the greatest challenges faced by high school students and graduates alike. Elab can help.

Deciding on a field of study is not a simple matter and we use a number of preparatory steps to narrow the options namely:

Determining the applicant’s strengths, using Morrisby Diagnostic Tests to discover potential.

Advise from Consultants to narrow down the university and course choice.

University and Course selection – we will draw up a list of courses and universities best suited to the applicant’s needs and abilities.

Mentor Programme – provide six hours of mentoring, conducted by mentors studying, or who have studied in the same academic field the applicant is considering and evaluating. Each mentoring session lasts for one hour and allows applicants to find out more about the course in question, as well as future career prospects from someone who is already studying in that field.

Other information – course attendees will be provided with further info on moving abroad, costs, accommodation, local customs, etc.

Get Ready to Study combines coaching with Morrisby Diagnostic Tests. Elab’s advice is guided by considerations of employment prospects when suggesting academic directions. We keep up to date with the job market, its evolution and innovations, and conduct ongoing research into educational trends all over the globe.

If you are still hesitating about what course to take and would like to explore your own potential and discover your strengths, why not sign up for the Get Ready to Study programme today!

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