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Study overseas preparation

Study overseas preparation

Study overseas preparation – how can we help?

Unsure of what to do? Still wondering what career to follow in the future, or what course to study? 

If you answer “Yes”, then our Get Ready 2 Study is the programme for you. The aim of this programme is to encourage and guide applicants when taking one of the most important decisions of their lives: choosing the right course to study at a university overseas.

As this decision should be based on an objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your natural talents, we have designed a programme that begins with a detailed assessment from an experienced consultant. It is an insightful journey and very motivational for students. It gets them thinking about what is next and gives them a goal to aim for – and a structured way to get there. For the parents it gives them the support they need and someone experienced to talk to, as this is often a new experience for them too.


Study Overseas Preparation

If you are still hesitating about what course to take and would like to explore your own potential and discover your strengths, why not arrange a free consultation with one of our experts?

Study overseas preparation - Outline of our programme

Deciding on a field of study is not a simple matter and we use a range of preparatory steps to narrow down the options, namely:

We will arrange an online personality profile test and provide you with a personalised report on suitable study and career options. A trained consultant with  take you through the results.

Based on the results of your diagnostic test and discussion with a consultant, we will draw up a list of courses and universities best suited to your abilities and preferences

Depending on your needs and the complexity of the application, we will agree the appropriate mentor programme you require, conducted by Mentors studying, or who have studied, in the field you wish to pursue at university.

Your personal consultant will be available to answer all your questions during the application process, and provide you with further information on moving abroad, costs, accommodation, visas etc.

Study Overseas and your future career

Elab’s advice is guided by considerations of your employment prospects when suggesting a suitable study path. However life is not that simple. Career paths often do not follow a straight line, nor is your career path set in stone.

You can change it over time as your personal circumstances or needs change Your diagnostic report, together with further discussions with our consultants, will provide a good insight into where your studies can take you. Postgraduate studies will give you a chance to focus on your strengths and interests and may also give you an opportunity to branch out.

Employers do like diversity in their staff, to challenge the status quo. Large financial institutions typically hire graduates from the best institutions, but not necessarily those with a background in finance. 

And then there are always a few surprises that life might throw at you. Marriage, children, a need for fulfillment, starting your own business, new technology, or just a deserved break.

Wherever life takes you, a good education will never go amiss, and anyone who has been there will tell you they are, in so many ways, the most enjoyable years of your life.     

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