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MBA Abroad Programme is for students who in such a competitive job market need to hone or expand their skills by improving their professional qualifications.


Today’s employment market demands ongoing that employees keep abreast of innovations in an ever-changing business and technological environment. Studying for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a popular and effective choice. It is an investment in personal and professional growth with a huge pay back through improved career opportunities.

MBA Abroad Programme expands students’ knowledge of a number of areas essential to managing teams, projects, and eventually corporations, however it also encourages the creation of an international network of top-class contacts. 

MBA Abroad Programme normally run for one year and are particularly suited to individuals who have from two to five years’ work experience. Elab can help you secure a place at the world’s best business schools, such as LBS, LSE, IE, HEC – and others.

Outline of the programme

The programme involves:

Assessment Stage: Analysis of academic record, professional achievements, personal attributes, study budget. 

MBA Programme selection – Elab will provide carefully selected programmes and details for discussion and selection

Entrance Exam Prep –  tutoring/workshops to prepare for GMAT or GRE examinations and interview prep.

Application Preparation and Submission –  Elab’s Consultants and Mentors (MBA graduates) will ensure that your application will accentuate those elements and experiences which are sought and valued by the business schools to which you are applying.

Elab currently has assisted graduates to study for an MBA at renowned establishments, such as the university of Oxford, the LSE, the university of Cambridge, Harvard university, London Business School and the Grenoble Graduate School of Business (HEC).

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