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Law and International law

If you want to study law and international law, the first basic question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to work within one national legal system. Do you wish to learn the national laws of a specific country? Maybe you want to focus on the relationships between legal entities which cross borders.…


Choosing a course to study

At first glance this might appear a simple decision – take a degree in what you enjoy. In reality, you have to consider a whole variety of factors before you put pen to paper. All of that before you start to fill out your university application forms. Choosing a course is a commitment and you…


Starting University

Starting University can be a big step in your life and can be challenging. You might be feeling anxious and nervous about the big decisons in your life. A recent poll found that 90 % of university applicants reported feeling worried about the decisions they had made. They are worried about the future, and whether…

move to another country trasferirsi viaggiare altro paese

How to prepare yourself to move to another country

How to prepare yourself to move to another country Moving to study abroad requires a different mindset to flying off for a two-week seaside break during your summer holidays. You will be living in a foreign country for three to four years, and will be creating a temporary home from home, where you can relax,…


References – how to write them properly?

You have written your Personal Statement and filled in the application form, and all that is left is to upload your references. Let us look at this from two perspectives – yours and that of the referee. References – the student’s role The first thing you need to consider is who to ask to act…

how to prepare a portfolio

How to prepare a portfolio – an essential guide

  Portfolio preparation – an overview  Portfolio for art studies – the first and most important piece of advice is to start working on your portfolio six months before you need to submit it. Do not leave it to the last minute, because it is a key part of your application to university and will…

study skills capacità di studio umiejętności nauki

Study skills – and how to improve them!

Study skills – how to improve them! Honing your study skills not only prepares you for your whole academic journey, but also improves your overall efficiency and is something you can carry forward into your working life. Knowing how to organise information is as important when you are writing an interdepartmental proposal, or justifying a…


Study in Cyprus – Universities in Cyprus

Why study in Cyprus? Study in Cyprus – it is an EU member state and the third-largest island in the Mediterranean. It is said to be the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, who emerged out of the sea foam and was worshipped in her temple at Paphos, and the many sanctuaries…

motivational letter personal statement

Writing a motivational letter and a personal  statement: a practical guide

Personal Statement and Motivational Letter: instructions Are personal statements important? Imagine you are assessing a thousand applicants who all want to study mathematics. How would you choose the right people? Maybe they all have similar grades and equally strong references? Perhaps their school transcripts are much of a muchness?  Assessors faced with a mountain of…

New Year’s Resolutions - postanowienia noworoczne - study abroad - studia za granicą - Elab Education Laboratory

New Year’s Resolutions – Think Positive!

New Year’s Resolutions – Think Positive! New Year’s Resolutions for students It is a cold wet afternoon at the end of December. The rain has been pouring down all day, and it is getting dark, even though it is barely five o’clock. Christmas is over, the tree is starting to lose its leaves and you…