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United Kingdom

Clearing 2020

What is Clearing 2020 – and how do I apply? Clearing 2020 is the final allocation of university places for studying in the UK Who can take part and how does it work? Clearing 2020 is the final opportunity to enrol  for studying in the UK and works slightly differently to the standard application process…

Dictionary Europe

Dictionary of terms used to speak about studies in Europe

Dictionary – what do these terms mean? Have you ever looked for information about universities abroad but couldn’t understand what it was saying? Find out with our dictionary! Denmark Danskprøve – A set of Danish Language Proficiency tests, which have three levels. The highest level, 3, is equivalent to B2 in the European framework. The…

studying architecture

Study architecture in the UK

Become an architect – study in the UK Study architecture in the UK, gain knowledge and experience and become an architect! Keep reading to find out how to do it! Architecture is a popular subject to study in Poland. However, increasing numbers of young people are deciding to continue their higher education  by going abroad.…