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Studying in England

Studying in England – what are the benefits? Studying in England means universities with world-class tuition offer, excellent research facilities and acknowledgement of global leadership in higher education. Gaining a degree from an English university will therefore open many doors and significantly improve your CV and hence your desirability in the job marketplace.  In the…

postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies in England

Do you want to start postgraduate studies? Postgraduate studies – Over half a million individuals are currently studying for their postgraduate degrees in the UK, and while their choices of courses are very different, the reasons they give for carrying on with their studies are quite similar. Postgraduate degrees are an investment in your future,…

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United Kingdom

30 June UCAS application deadline

The second round of applications to study in the UK ends on 30 June This is your last chance to apply with five choices of  universities and courses The second round of applications to study in the UK closes on 30 June, and is the final opportunity you will have to submit your applications following…

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Fight coronavirus and other viruses with education

Study Virology Abroad Discover courses where you could study virology abroad Study Virology Abroad – At a time when coronavirus – Covid-19 – is sweeping across the world, devastating families and communities, the importance of virology has come into sharp focus. Virology is essentially the study of viral agents which cause diseases in humans, their molecular biology,…

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Why is it good to study in a big city like London?

Studying in London What are the opportunities of studying in London? Studying in London – this city combines the best of urban living with trend-setting  innovations across so many fields: fashion, music , design  and entertainment immediately spring to mind. From the punks who ambled their way down the King’s Road, snarling the Sex Pistols’…

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Artistic Course Abroad: Are they for me?

Artistic courses Abroad Are Artistic Courses abroad for me? Artistic courses abroad – are they for me? The creative arts cover a vast range of subjects and courses, which can be loosely grouped into art, design and media and crafts, and include architecture, fine art, photography, creative writing, fashion ,music etc.  If you are thinking of becoming…

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Study architecture in the UK

Become an architect – study in the UK Study architecture in the UK, gain knowledge and experience and become an architect! Keep reading to find out how to do it! Architecture is a popular subject to study in Poland. However, increasing numbers of young people are deciding to continue their higher education  by going abroad.…