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job on campus

Jobs on campus

Job on campus – how to get one, and where to look for it! Why get jobs on campus? There are many benefits to getting a jobs on campus – apart from the obvious one of earning a little money to make university life more comfortable, reducing worries caused by financial stress and expanding your…

move to another country trasferirsi viaggiare altro paese

How to prepare yourself to move to another country

How to prepare yourself to move to another country Moving to study abroad requires a different mindset to flying off for a two-week seaside break during your summer holidays. You will be living in a foreign country for three to four years, and will be creating a temporary home from home, where you can relax,…

study skills capacità di studio umiejętności nauki

Study skills – and how to improve them!

Study skills – how to improve them! Honing your study skills not only prepares you for your whole academic journey, but also improves your overall efficiency and is something you can carry forward into your working life. Knowing how to organise information is as important when you are writing an interdepartmental proposal, or justifying a…

motivational letter personal statement

Writing a motivational letter and a personal  statement: a practical guide

Personal Statement and Motivational Letter: instructions Are personal statements important? Imagine you are assessing a thousand applicants who all want to study mathematics. How would you choose the right people? Maybe they all have similar grades and equally strong references? Perhaps their school transcripts are much of a muchness?  Assessors faced with a mountain of…

study abroad norway elab studia w Norwegii studiare in norvegia università

Studying in Finland – discover finnish cities

Studying in Finland – an overview Studying in Finland may seem like a leap in the dark, since it is the least well-known Scandinavian country – but Finnish culture has permeated Europe in many ways and its products are actually very familiar to us. At some point in our lives, we have all probably had…

study abroad norway elab studia w Norwegii studiare in norvegia università

Study in Norway – Norwegian universities

Studying in Norway – fall in love with Northern Europe! Studying is Norway is an unforgettable experience: you will receive a world-class education in what many people consider to be the most beautiful country in the world. Norway has 50,000 islands and is two-thirds mountainous, and has been voted the World’s Most Democratic country since…

bard college america
United States

Bard College

Bard College – one of the best liberal arts colleges of the United States Located in the hamlet of Annandale-on-Hudson in New York State, Bard College sprawls along the river and its campus covers 1000 acres of rural land, which blends historical Hudson Estate mansions with innovative post modernist and collegiate-Gothic architecture. A private liberal…

eu business school

EU Business School

EU Business School – Gain an international business perspective Founded in 1973, EU Business School is a private institution, with four campuses, in Geneva, Barcelona, Montreux and Munich. A highly ranked, professionally-accredited business school, where courses are taught in English, it provides a truly international setting for acquiring a Bachelor’s, Master’s or MBA degree. EU…

university of chicago università di chicago Uniwersytet w Chicago
United States

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago – an overview ‘Themistocles, Thucydides/The Peloponnesian War,/X squared, Y squared/H2SO4/Who for? What for?/What the hell are we fighting for?/Go, Maroons!’ School cheer – University of Chicago. Founded in 1890, the University of Chicago is a private research university, with around 17,000 students, approximately a third of whom are undergraduates. Chicago has…


LGBTQI+ and universities

June is the so-called Pride Month Right now, equality, solidarity and support for LGBTQI+ people are particularly promoted. Much has changed in this context in recent years, but there are still situations around the world that should not happen. In this article, we will introduce the most LGBTQI+ friendly academic countries. So, if you want…

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