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High School in America

High school in America: which are the advantages? Studying can become repetitive and stale, with the long race down an ever-narrowing corridor towards a big hurdle: the end of school examinations. But it does not have to be like this! After all, learning should be exciting and challenging; it should inspire the imagination and expand…

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Harvard University

What makes Harvard University so special and how can you become a Harvard alumni? Harvard University was established in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is probably the best known, most prestigious and most highly rated private research university in the world. A member of the Ivy League, and the oldest university in the USA, Harvard…

Study at New York University
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Study at New York University – the global university

Choosing to study at New York University is a great opportunity for those who wish to enter the job market with a wide range of experiences. It’s also an adventure that you won’t forget. Study at New York University – the largest private research university in the USA , with impressive  facilities, world-class lecturers and…

Study in California at UCSB
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Study in California at University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Santa Barbara is where the land meets the sea, where brilliant minds meet each other, and where academic excellence and social engagement unite to spark creativity and discovery. Study in California at UCSB! Over the years, songs like “California Girls” “California Love” – and hundreds of others – have all  proclaimed to the world that California…

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Courses at unis in the USA

Choosing a course in the USA The courses on offer in the USA differ from those in Europe. And it’s not that you can’t study biology, art, mathematics or International Relations, but the way you choose what to specialise in and the timescales are not the same. Choosing a course in the USA is different…

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Homeschooling: information and resources for parents, students and teachers

Homeschooling is for everyone How to help kids with homeschooling. Read Elab Education Laboratory’s tips about how to begin “homeschooling” more easily! We know that prolonged quarantine at home can dampen the desire to remain mentally active: but continuing to learn and homeschooling are both very important! Not just to keep ourselves busy, but because…

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Why choose high school abroad?

High school abroad – Great Britain and the USA are the favourite destinations of young people who are thinking about how to choose a high school abroad. Most young people dream of making this step, not only because of the language and cultural riches, but because these countries  are the epicentres of pop culture and…