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Gdzie kupić; where can I buy
United Kingdom

Where can I buy…? How to pack light

Where can I buy…? Shopping for students There is no way that you will be able to fit everything you need into your luggage. How  can you survive moving abroad as a student? Where can I buy everything? The question every student asks themselves. You had to leave behind a lot of things, because they…

wymiana w kanadzie studia w anglii; student exchange in Canada
United States

Student exchange in Canada

I went to Canada while studying in the UK Studying in the UK provided me with an opportunity to go on a student exchange  to Canada. Find out how I  got on! A  student  exchange in Canada is an amazing experience, and I was able to take up this option thanks to studying in the…

uczelnie artystyczne; artistic studies
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The reality of art students

Artistic studies – what are they about? Everybody has heard about that student who is permanently poor, a little crazy, and looks like someone who is homeless  crossed with a visionary. Artistic studies don’t have the greatest of reputations. Artistic studies at institutions which teach the arts  have reputations based on a whole host of…

Study in London

Choosing to study in London

Studying in London is the dream One of the largest cities, full of different cultures and new adventures. Why not study in London? For a couple of years, I have been thinking about whether I could study in London. I have always loved to travel, discover new places and meet new people. I started learning English…

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Why study in England?

Why study in the UK? If someone had told me in my first or second year at secondary school that, in the future, I would be studying in London, I don’t think I would have believed them. I’m an example of the fact that even if you decide to study abroad quite late in the…


My weekend in the land of the Vikings

What is it like in Denmark? We are young. We want to live new experiences, taste other cultures, different  climates and customs. To create memories which we can look back on when we are older. While we are making these memories, we don’t think about old age, but concentrate on the people we meet, the…

Architektura Coventry University

Architecture or nothing?

In my second year of high school I was surfing Facebook and I came across an article on architecture studies in the UK. I always knew that I would find it hard to break into architecture, because there was no one in the field in my family. And this made me even more certain that…