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Leiden University in the Netherlands

Is Leiden University good? Leiden University is a public research university, and the oldest in the Netherlands. It has always had a reputation for tolerance, welcoming new ideas and debate, and for acting as magnet to thinkers and artists who were looking for refuge and inspiration. Descartes, Rembrandt, Huygens, Grotius and Spinoza all found a…

University of Amsterdam netherlands

The University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam – which are its origins? University of Amsterdam origins go back to 1632 and, nearly four centuries later, it continues to attract students from all over the world, and ranks in the top 20 universities in Europe and 61st in the world (QS). A public, research-focussed university, with 34000 students drawn from over…

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Studies in the Netherlands – courses

Courses you can study in English in the Netherlands include a variety of options. The most common ones include business and engineering studies. Studies in the Netherlands – courses. The Dutch have always been a trading, seafaring nation , bringing sugar and tobacco from the West Indies, cinnamon and cloves from Sri Lanka and porcelain…

uczelnie artystyczne; artistic studies
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The reality of art students

Artistic studies – what are they about? Everybody has heard about that student who is permanently poor, a little crazy, and looks like someone who is homeless  crossed with a visionary. Artistic studies don’t have the greatest of reputations. Artistic studies at institutions which teach the arts  have reputations based on a whole host of…

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Homeschooling: information and resources for parents, students and teachers

Homeschooling is for everyone How to help kids with homeschooling. Read Elab Education Laboratory’s tips about how to begin “homeschooling” more easily! We know that prolonged quarantine at home can dampen the desire to remain mentally active: but continuing to learn and homeschooling are both very important! Not just to keep ourselves busy, but because…

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Studying in the Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands is a great idea Studying in the Netherlands is an opportunity to spend time in a country which has a rich history, an open society and an excellent level of higher education. The Shanghai rankings list ten Dutch universities above Poland’s best performing institution – the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. A…