study in the Netherlands - courses
Study in the Netherlands

Studies in the Netherlands – courses

Courses you can study in English in the Netherlands include a variety of options. The most common ones include business and engineering studies.

Studies in the Netherlands – courses. The Dutch have always been a trading, seafaring nation , bringing sugar and tobacco from the West Indies, cinnamon and cloves from Sri Lanka and porcelain and silk from China and Japan. Dutch ships controlled 60 per cent of the trade with Southeast Asia in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, gained a foothold in Brazil and the Mediterranean  and Antwerp was the heart of European commerce for many years. It is therefore not surprising that universities in the Netherlands offer a broad range of courses connected to business – since this is part of their legacy.

Studying business in the Netherlands

There are as many types of business degree as there are universities in Holland, so you need to decide what aspect of the subject most interests you before applying. In addition, you need to differentiate between research universities and universities of applied science – both of whom offer business courses taught in English, but have a different emphasis. Research universities are,  as their name suggests , focussed on research and more traditional theoretical teaching, while universities of applied science have close partnerships with business and industry and offer a hands-on, practical approach to learning, including year-long placements.

Studies in the Netherlands – courses related to business

Here are a number of the most popular business courses which you can study in English in the Netherlands:

International Business:   Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

                                           University of Groningen

                                           Maastricht University 

                                            HU University of Applied Sciences

                                           HZ University of Applied Sciences

International Business and Languages:   Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Business Administration:   University of Amsterdam

                                               Erasmus University Rotterdam

Business economics :         Utrecht University

Business Innovation:         InHolland University of Applied Sciences

Creative Business:             HU University of Applied Sciences

Economics and Business Economics:        Maastricht University

Trade Management for Asia:        Rotterdam Business School

Studies in the Netherlands – courses related to media and marketing

 With the spread of globalisation, the internet and social media, marketing has become a crucial part of trading and you can study a broad number of courses in the Netherlands in this field. For example:

Communication and Information Studies: Language and Media…Vrije Univesiteit, Amsterdam

International Communication…  Hanze University of Applied Sciences

International Marketing…  Fontys University of Applied Sciences  

Media … Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam 

Media and Culture…Utrecht University

Media and Information …University of Amsterdam

Media and Entertainment ManagementInHolland University of Applied Sciences

Science  and IT courses  taught in English  in the Netherlands

You have a wide choice  of available courses, from specialised areas such as Water Management or   Chemistry at the HZ University of Applied Sciences, to Biosciences at Radboud University . If you are looking for an engineering course, the University of Leiden offers a course in Civil Engineering;  Tilburg University has a general Engineering course; while Mechanical Engineering is taught at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. You could also opt for Electrical and Electronic Engineering  at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

If computer technology is your passion, why not consider applying for Communication and Multimedia Design, at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, where you  can major in Game Design – a fast-expanding and exciting field, which includes virtual reality and AI. If this is too specialised an area, and you are considering making your career in software, hardware analysis and network engineering , perhaps you would prefer to do a degree in computer Science at TU Delft?

Whatever your field , your interests and your long-term career goals, you will find the  perfect science or IT course in the Netherlands. Let Elab guide and help you work through your options. After all, Dutch universities teach over 2000 courses in English !

Courses in the Arts 

Not everyone wants to study the human body, engines, motherboards or accounts, and the more artistic among you will also find the course of your dreams in the Netherlands.

Why not consider applying to one of the following universities, and studying :

Arts and Culture…Maastricht University

European Studies…University of Amsterdam

                                 The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Graphic Design…Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Liberal Arts…Amsterdam University College

Royal Academy Interactive Media Design…Royal Conservatoire, The Hague… to name but a few of your many options!

Elab works with our Dutch partner universities to ensure that every one of our applicants finds  the right course in the right  university. We are here to help you with every aspect of applying to study in the Netherlands, from choosing a course, to providing you with information on tuition fees, grants and loans, accommodation and the cost of living.

Contact Elab today, by email or telephone, and  let us start working together to find the ideal course in the wonderful Netherlands – the sixth happiest country in the world. Studies in the Netherlands – courses.