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High School in America

High school in America: which are the advantages?

Studying can become repetitive and stale, with the long race down an ever-narrowing corridor towards a big hurdle: the end of school examinations. But it does not have to be like this! After all, learning should be exciting and challenging; it should inspire the imagination and expand the mind, promote curiosity and creativity. And you can rediscover the joy of studying by spending a year abroad in a totally different environment – attending a high school in America. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new world and broaden your horizons!

Why choosing the US?

Many young students have already fallen under the spell of US culture, its diversity, its cutting-edge technology, its proms and art scene, its films, and immense possibilities. They long to experience what the US has to offer at first-hand, and what better and safer way to do so, than to spend a year at an high school in America?

Which is the best time to study in a high school in America?

The most popular time to join a US high school is in 4th Grade. International students will discover that high school in America is more like campuses, extremely well-resourced and favour an interdisciplinary approach to learning, alongside emphasising the importance of sports and extracurricular activities.

Whether you are interested in working on the school newspaper, STEM studies or taking part in performance arts, you will be able to explore a huge range of subjects, in a small, supportive community. You will also discover American culture from the inside and make lifelong friendships.

Your profile will be extremely competitive!

High schools in America are also flexible when it comes to combining courses and this will allow you to make sure that you meet the demands of your education curriculum. Rather than fall behind by taking a year out, you will streak ahead! Your confidence, English language level and social skills will all be immensely improved by this once in a lifetime experience.

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