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IELTS test – what is it? The IELTS test is a standardised test of English language proficiency, which is accepted by universities, immigration departments and professional bodies all around the world. Some 3.8 million students sit IELTS every year, and the results are accepted by 10,000 institutions in 140 countries. The IELTS test aims to…

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Exams- how to revise to best effect?

How to manage revision for exams Revision for Matura causes many students sleepless nights. There is always too little time and too much to go through, pressure, stress, other responsibilities… How can we cope with all this? Revision – you still haven’t started? There is very little time left before the exams and you are…

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Homeschooling: information and resources for parents, students and teachers

Homeschooling is for everyone How to help kids with homeschooling. Read Elab Education Laboratory’s tips about how to begin “homeschooling” more easily! We know that prolonged quarantine at home can dampen the desire to remain mentally active: but continuing to learn and homeschooling are both very important! Not just to keep ourselves busy, but because…