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Why is it good to study in a big city like London?

Studying in London

What are the opportunities of studying in London?

Studying in London – this city combines the best of urban living with trend-setting  innovations across so many fields: fashion, music , design  and entertainment immediately spring to mind.

From the punks who ambled their way down the King’s Road, snarling the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen ” to Vivienne Westwood’s plaids, bows and safety pins, London has always welcomed the new, embraced, expanded and finally exported it all around the world.

London is for everybody

London has something for everybody. Camden Market boasts restored Afghan coats, hand-made clothes, textiles and dream catchers, while Brixton thumps to the sound of reggae and the smell of freshly-baked Jamaican patties and incense.

 Wimbledon and Dulwich offer a quiet traditional village environment, and experimental art installations and pop-up shops define Shoreditch and Dalston. Whatever your interests and  preferences, you will find the life you are looking for in this vibrant and exciting capital.

Multicultural environment

As one the world’s most multicultural cities, London will amaze you with its ethnic riches. Your local corner shop could be Turkish ,Greek or Lebanese, your pub will offer tango and salsa lessons, Chinese New Year explodes in central London, along with celebrations of Holi, Krishna processions and, of course, the Caribbean Notting Hill carnival. You will make friends from every corner of the globe, learn new ideas and build up an invaluable international network to carry into the future.

Studying in London isn’t only about studying

Students are also spoilt for choice when it comes to museums and  galleries, libraries and theatres. You will be able to pursue all your interests and access sources, resources and experts in every field of study. Interested in biology – why not visit the Natural History Museum, Horniman’s, the Grant Museum of Zoology or the Wellcome Collection? 

Are you going to study medicine? Then you must see the Old Operating Theatre, which traces the history of operations back through three centuries,Bart’s Pathology Museum or Bethlem Museum of the Mind, which  illustrates our changing views of mental illness and how sufferers should be treated.

Engineering students  must visit the world-famous Science Museum and the Brunel Museum – named after the UK’s greatest engineer, who  built the Royal Albert Bridge, Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge and many dockyards.

The list is virtually endless, and students will be overwhelmed  by their options, whether they want to pursue a specific interest or simply find inspiration.

How to move around

London is lively, busy and easy to move around. Wherever you decide to live, a bus or underground train will zip you through the capital, and late night revellers will be able to choose all night tube trains, or an Uber ,taxi or mini-cab, if they have balanced their budget ! With so many options of places to go and things to see, you will never feel bored or jaded.

There is something magical about living in a city we all recognise , even if we have never been there in person.

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus with Eros  perched on his fountain , St Paul’s and The Tower are all familiar sights and, if you come to study in London, you will end up pinching yourself when you see the real thing.

London is rich in history and character. It has everything a student might need – including jobs – to spend three memorable and happy years  while pursuing their educational journey. Don’t hesitate.

Apply to a London University and prepare to be amazed.

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