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Master degree abroad

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Master Degree Abroad

Doing a Master’s degree in the UK

Master’s degrees can be studied full-time or part-time, and take between one and two years to complete, depending on whether you choose to take a taught degree or a research degree .T aught degrees  run along the same lines as undergraduate courses, with lectures, seminars and tutorials, core and optional modules and 10-15 hours of weekly contact time. Students are, however, expected to spend another 30-35 hours every week  working independently.

Research-based Master’s degrees revolve around writing a thesis, which takes up some 60 per cent of a student’s time. Supervisors oversee the content, ideas and progress of your thesis, but this type of Master’s is most suited to independent learners who already have an extremely clear idea of what they wish to investigate within their field of study.

MPhil degrees, for example, are normally research courses, and the MRes is awarded to students who have undertaken a year of full-time research to complete their thesis. London’s Westminster University, which ranks in the top 15 of the world’s most international universities, offers a range of MPhil courses, from Architecture and Cities, to Life Sciences and Applied Management . 

City University has 150 postgraduate courses, including research degree programmes, and offers niche subjects, such as Food Policy and Air Transport Management. Remember that research Master’s courses normally expect you to produce and submit a well-thought out research proposal , along with your application. This can take some time to draft and follows a specific template, so check out your chosen university’s website, to discover exactly what you have to send in, or come to Elab and we will help you!

MAs and MScs are generally taught courses, and often combine work placements and job experience with theoretical classes. Assessment  is based on essays, portfolios, practical projects and assignments – often conducted in partnership with external industries, organisations or  businesses. 

Brunel University London, for example, has an  outstanding reputation for first-class facilities and teaching, offers taught and research Master’s degrees, and works in close partnership with industry. As a result, you will be able to take up a work placement, and take advantage of Brunel’s three specialised Research Institutes – Environmental Health and Society, Energy Future and Materials and Manufacturing – which are groundbreaking and unique centres of excellence and research in the UK. 

If you are interested in slightly less mainstream courses, London Metropolitan University is the place to go for Artificial Intelligence, Addiction and Mental Health, Blood Science and Human Rights and International Conflict. Check its prospectus to discover what Metropolitan offers.

If you are looking to gain a dual degree, then Richmond, the American University in London  offers Master’s degrees which are accredited in both the UK and the USA – which would be helpful, not only if you intend to do a PhD in the US, but also if you are considering working in America.  

Richmond offers a unique course in Luxury Brand Management, with annual tuition fees of £21,000, whereas the majority of its  courses fall in the £8-13,000 category, and can be offset by its generous Chancellor’s Scholarship  and academic awards.  Richmond also runs three MBA programmes, which are popular with students aiming to upgrade their career prospects and earnings, since it has been established that gaining an internationally-recognised  MBA leads to promotion and better earning potential.

Unlike undergraduate applications, people who wish to study for a Master’s do not go through the UK’s centralised system,UCAS, but must apply directly to individual universities. On the positive side, this means that you are free to send in as many applications as you want. On the slightly negative side, you will find that requirements do vary between institutions and courses and there is no one size fits all available.

And this is where Elab steps in, to help you find the right course, approach and university.  Contact us for guidance and help in analysing and meeting all your needs, and let us provide you with essential information on fees, grants and scholarships. The perfect Master’s course is out there. Let’s find it together!

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Master degree abroad – take advantage of Elab’s help and support to maximise your chances of being accepted on the course of your dreams at a university abroad.

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