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studying abroad with support

Studying abroad – financial support

How does Intesa Sanpaolo support work? Intesa Sanpaolo loan per Merito is the perfect solution to receive financial support for your studies abroad and to have tuition fees as well as living costs covered by this fantastic option made available by the Intesa Sanpaolo group. How do I apply for Per Merito? Obtaining the funds…

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Fight coronavirus and other viruses with education

Study Virology Abroad Discover courses where you could study virology abroad Study Virology Abroad – At a time when coronavirus – Covid-19 – is sweeping across the world, devastating families and communities, the importance of virology has come into sharp focus. Virology is essentially the study of viral agents which cause diseases in humans, their molecular biology,…

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Artistic Course Abroad: Are they for me?

Artistic courses Abroad Are Artistic Courses abroad for me? Artistic courses abroad – are they for me? The creative arts cover a vast range of subjects and courses, which can be loosely grouped into art, design and media and crafts, and include architecture, fine art, photography, creative writing, fashion ,music etc.  If you are thinking of becoming…