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Established in 1900, by the Scottish philanthropist and industrialist Andrew Carnegie, the private research university which bears his name has been called “one of the new Ivies” by Newsweek. Carnegie Mellon University is situated in Pittsburgh and ranked 26th in the US, while coming in the top ten  for graduate studies in engineering, statistics and fine arts. Andy Warhol, the science fiction author Kurt Vonnegut and Steve Bochco, who wrote the amazing Hill Street Blues, are among the thousands of well-known and successful alumni produced by Carnegie Mellon.

Carnegie Mellon University has a global presence, with offshoots in Doha (Qatar), New York, Washington, Portugal, Rwanda, Kobe (Japan), Los Angeles and Adelaide (Australia). An international, cooperative research approach has resulted in joint projects with Uber, Yahoo!, Intel, Tata and Rand Corporation – to name but the tip of the research partnership iceberg. The university is known for its science and technology research and the many innovations it has produced, from the first emoji, to driverless cars and huge strides in brain science. Carnegie Mellon University’s mission is to tackle social, technological and scientific problems, by using a cross-disciplinary approach. Its interdisciplinary programmes are widely regarded as world-class…

What are the entry requirements to Carnegie Mellon?

The university has an acceptance rate of 17 per cent, and 48 per cent of the students – who number 14,000 in total – are international. It demands an IELTS pass of 7.5 and the average SAT score you need to stand a chance of being accepted is around 1465.

What subjects can I study at Carnegie Mellon University?

You can take your pick from:

  • Physics and astronomy
  • Statistics
  • History, philosophy and theology
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Psychology
  • Chemical and civil engineering
  • Languages: literature and linguistics
  • Architecture
  • Chemistry

In which fields does Carnegie Mellon excel?

It has an excellent reputation in the following subjects:

As a brief scan of the above list clearly demonstrates, Carnegie Mellon University is a highly innovative institution, where disciplines come together to find answers and new ways of tackling modern problems.

What kind of accommodation will I be offered?

Carnegie Mellon owns 25 residential buildings and most students choose to live on the 140 acre urban campus, either in a two-man dormitory, a prime dormitory or an apartment. Every fortnight, the university runs an open pantry, where students can stock up on fresh and non-perishable food, for free. This initiative was launched after a survey found that some students were eating badly, and did not have the financial resources to enjoy a balanced diet.

What entertainment will I find at Carnegie Mellon University?

Since CMU offers everything on a large-scale, you will not be surprised to hear that the university has over 400 societies which you can join, an active sporting tradition and excellent facilities, and a thriving art scene. Pittsburgh is on the university doorstep and is a lively and exciting town.

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And finally:

Andrew Carnegie was a Scotsman and is honoured to this very day by the Kiltie Kilt-Wearing Marching Bang – known as the band without pants – who serenade fans at every home football match. Bagpipes are also often heard on campus!

Another popular event is the Mobot Games, when self-propelled robots take part in a race to cross the finishing line, while the tradition of Painting the Fence allows students to claim a specific fence and paint it between 12pm and 6am – usually to advertise an event . The message remains on the  fence  for as long as the students stand guard.

What shall I do now if I want to apply to Carnegie Mellon?

Contact Elab. We have a specialist team which deals with applications to the US, and can provide you with information on costs, courses, the application process and entry requirements etc. Let us work together to build your profile and find the right course, so that you maximise your chances of being accepted at Carnegie Mellon.

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