Diagnostic Tests

Evaluating your potential

Diagnostic tests are used to evaluate the applicant’s level of knowledge at the beginning of the application process, and are very useful for courses where entry examinations are mandatory.

The detailed diagnostic tests offered by Elab allow our consultants and mentors to identify and concentrate on meeting each applicant’s individual needs.


Why do Elab use diagnostic tests? 

Elab believes that it is essential to be as well prepared as possible for entry tests to foreign universities and uses a range of detailed diagnostic tests – written by external experts – to highlight areas which need additional work, in cooperation with the applicant’s mentors and consultant.

Elab created our educational advice programmes to provide guidance for people who are still unsure which educational path they wish to take, and want to discover a  future educational direction and career options which both suit and appeal to them. We offer both the Gallup and the Morrisby tests and will coordinate your results with appraisals from our mentors 

We have worked in collaboration with a number of psychologists and educational specialists to design programs which will help you to decide on the field of study you want to pursue.

Our diagnostic tests programs, by contrast, are designed to allow you to assess your chances of succeeding and assist you in preparing a study schedule geared towards the entrance examinations set by the world’s best universities. Our consultants will  take you through the diagnostic results and suggest areas which need further work and, if you need help, offer suggestions on one to one tuition or workshops which would meet your needs and improve your marks.




Once you have sat the Morrisby diagnostic tests and received the assessments, you may decide that you would like a little extra help in a certain subject or field, to increase your scores and understanding. It is hard to sit in a room surrounded by books and not know what to pick up first and where to start.

This is where Elab can help. We will discuss and draw up a realistic study plan for you, guide you in sorting out a reading list and, best of all, put you  in touch with one of our brilliant tutors – all of whom are experienced, have a proven track record in the subject and enjoy inspiring their students.

In addition, Elab runs a wide variety of workshops throughout the year , including the highly popular GetReady2Study, which prepares young people for university life. So, whether you are looking for one to one teaching or group work, we can help you maximise your abilities and improve your grades.


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