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Webinar Study medicine in Europe

Webinar Study medicine in Europe Webinar Medical universities in Europe is a free online meeting with experts in the field of recruitment for medical studies to the best European universities. Do you want to study medicine in Italy, Ireland or maybe England? Register: https://elab.clickmeeting.com/uczelnie-medyczne…/register Find out which universities in Europe offer medical studies in English!…

study medicine in the uk
United Kingdom

Study Medicine in the UK

Study medicine in the UK: which is the process? Medicine is one of the few subjects which combines academic qualifications with a career path. To study medicine in the UK, you will need preparation and excellent secondary school grades, since competition is extremely fierce. You will also be expected to sit either the UCAT or…

Dentistry courses in the UK
United Kingdom

Dentistry courses in the UK

Becoming a dentist is a long and demanding journey but one that you will not regret. Dentistry courses in the UK are a popular choice for those who dream of working in the medical environment. Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our dentist, which swings between fear and gratitude, depending on whether we…

study medicine in Ireland

Study Medicine in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country which also offers education for the ambitious and hard-working young people. Study medicine in Ireland! Study medicine in Ireland – this is an amazing opportunity to develop your knowledge and grow as a person. Ireland is known for its wild and glorious scenery, its rich history and its musical and…