Study dentistry in Poland

Study dentistry in Poland

Dentistry in Poland - study medical courses at Polish universities

dentistry in Poland study dentistry in Poland
Medicine and Dentistry are very popular courses among international students wanting to study in Poland

Dentistry in Poland is a very popular course among international students

Dentistry in Poland is a great course to study. As we all know, medicine and dentistry are long courses, and as a result, tuition costs can be somewhat prohibitive. Nevertheless, both  medicine and dentistry  are subjects which combine academic qualifications with an excellent  career path.

Once you have qualified, you have multiple options before you: specialisation, hospital roles, research , working as a general practitioner, opening your own dental practice  etc . Getting accepted onto a course needs preparation and excellent secondary school grades, since competition is extremely fierce, wherever you study.

Why study medicine or dentistry in Poland?

The Polish education system has been ranked tenth best in the world and boasts some of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities. The government has invested a great deal of money in upgrading university resources and ensuring that cutting-edge technology and the very latest equipment is available in every, nationally-supervised, educational institution.

The quality of teaching  and research is high and, of course, Polish qualifications are recognised all over the world, and if you get a medical or dental degree in Poland, this will allow you to practise internationally.

Is it expensive to live in Poland while studying medicine or dentistry?

Poland is not an expensive country, and your cost of living while studying medicine or dentistry will therefore be significantly lower than in other European countries. Tuition fees  on both courses are between 11000 and 13,500 euros a year, whereas international students who study in the UK will pay upwards of £35,000 per year, and costs in the US can be as high as $70,000 a year. As you can see, Polish tuition fees are far more affordable.

In addition, Poland is not an expensive country for students, when compared with the rest of Europe , and it is perfectly possible to live on 600 euros a month, if you manage to find reasonably priced accommodation – since  utilities and rent make up 35 per cent of your monthly budget.

The following list gives you an idea of what you might pay (in euros):

Which Polish universities teach courses in medicine and dentistry in English?

In Poland, medical and dentistry courses have now been taught at universities in English for over twenty years. The following public institutions offer degrees in medicine and dentistry:

How long do the degree courses in medicine and dentistry take in Poland?

Accelerated courses:

These last 3-4 years and are available if you have already graduated with a relevant degree in the field. Contact Elab for further, detailed information.

Medicine and dentistry

6 years for undergraduates; 4 years for the graduate program of Advanced MD.


5 years.

Will I be interviewed for a place on a course of medicine or dentistry?

Many universities use  online interviews when assessing candidates for a place on these highly-subscribed courses. The interviewer will be exploring your motivation and clinical experience – whether as a volunteer, an intern, or shadowing professionals in a medical environment  – and will expect you to refer to what you have done and provide concrete examples, drawn from your own experiences. It may be worth drafting an answer to the standard question “Why do you want to study medicine/dentistry in Poland ?” well in advance!

Studying medicine and dentistry in Poland - which are the highest ranked universities?



World Ranking 

Jagiellonian University 


Wrocław University




Medical University of Warsaw


Medical University of Łodź


Medical University of Silesia


Pomeranian Medical University


Poznań University of Medical Science


Lublin Medical University


Białystok  Medical University 


Studying medicine in Poland - how are the courses organised?

The first three years are, for the most part, pre-clinical, and you will gain hands-on experience in years 4-6, once you have the theoretical knowledge to participate in the clinical cycle.

What  topics are covered?

Studying medicine and dentistry in Poland - the benefits

At present 8000 students are studying medicine and dentistry in Poland, a figure which is predicted to rise , year on year. Poland is a stunning, welcoming and historically rich country, with landscapes to take your breath away, from the Carpathian mountains and skiing of the south, to the lakes and forests dotted with medieval towns which stretch from east to west. Polish cuisine is fresh, hearty and frankly delicious. Its universities are the jewel in the crown – modern, well-funded, research-orientated centres of excellence.

If you qualify in medicine or dentistry in Poland, you will gain an internationally recognised qualification for a fraction of the cost you would pay in other European countries.High standards and low fees, an affordable cost of living and a wide range of courses to choose from in very different locations. Poland has it all.

If you would like to discuss your options for studying medicine or dentistry in Poland, then do not hesitate to contact us, here at Elab. We can give you up to date information on entry requirements, internal and entry exams, IELTS scores, the curriculum and the teaching style of every Polish university which offers medical degrees, taught in English.

Call or email us and let us work together to prepare your application to study medicine or dentistry in Poland.

Don’t hesitate. Contact Elab, by phone or drop us an email, and let us start working together to find the ideal course and university and prepare an excellent application so that you, too, can invest in your future and start studying dentistry in Poland.

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