go to university in Poland

Go to university in Poland

In the last couple of years Poland has grown its university offer for international students. Medicine, law, business, and many more courses are entirely in English. Why not go to university in Poland?

University in Poland is a great option for many. Over the last four years, the number of international students who have chosen to study in Poland has risen by 70 per cent, from 46,000 in 2015 to 78,000 in 2019 (Statista, 2019). 

Poland is beautiful, welcoming, historically and architecturally rich  and offers an excellent, internationally-recognised  education, along with affordable living costs and low tuition fees. As the fifth largest member of the EU, its qualifications are recognised all over the world. Poland subscribes to the Bologna Process, which allows EU students the flexibility to move between universities and carry over their educational credits from one EU country to another.

International students in Poland

It is not surprising, therefore, that young people from over 170 countries have flocked here in their thousands to take advantage of Poland’s education system which has the rank 5th in Europe, and 10th in the world. Apart from the many Europeans, Ukrainians and Belarusians who have opted to study in Poland, students from Norway, Sweden, Nepal, India , Taiwan and neighbouring Germany make up the six percent of international students currently attending Polish universities. Why not join them?

Elab’s Warsaw office is here to help and will provide you with a local, friendly face  to take you to various campuses, if that interests you, or to assist you once you get to Poland, should you have any issues. We can provide you with detailed information on courses and requirements and help you with the application process.

Poland has a strong economy and was one of the few countries unaffected by the financial crisis of 2008-9, and this has encouraged ongoing investment in the country’s schools and universities. Innovative courses run by Warsaw’s Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and Warsaw University’s Top Global Coder ranking, act as magnets for international students who want to learn from the experts who produce among the best programmers in the world. 

The quality of the education on offer is constantly under control. Every university course is subject to strict accreditation processes and Poland’s participation in the European Credit Transfer System allows students to continue their education in other EU universities. Degrees from Polish universities are recognised internationally , which is why many students come to Poland, to study highly regulated practices such as medicine or veterinary sciences, to obtain a EU-recognised qualification.

Where can you go to university in Poland?

Poland is a large EU country and  you will be able to find the ideal location to take up your university education. Are you someone who wants to be at the heart of things, who enjoys live concerts, constantly changing theatrical and cinema programmes, events and a virtually infinite number of bars, restaurants and coffee shops? Then why not study  at the University of Warsaw, or the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the former capital, whose large student populations ensure a lively nightlife, passionate football matches, and pop-up novelties, all set within a thriving and varied urban environment?

Warsaw is not just the Palace of Culture and the Old Town; it is peaceful strolls through Łazienki Park, a wander through the Neon Museum of Praga, where a six foot Puss in red Boots advertises cobblers  services dating back to World War II, or cruising down the Vistula.

If you would prefer a smaller city environment, and want to go to one of the best universities in Poland, why not look at  Gdynia, Gdańsk or Wrocław? Whatever your interests, hobbies and preferences, remember that the university location you choose will be your home for the next few years. 

Contact us, here at Elab, if you would like detailed guidance and information on finding the university and course of your dreams . Our Warsaw office will answer any questions you may have about applications, courses, costs of tuition, accommodation and travel – or any other subject which you would like to raise with us. We are always just a phone call or email away.

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