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Why choose high school abroad?

High school abroad – Great Britain and the USA are the favourite destinations of young people who are thinking about how to choose a high school abroad.

Most young people dream of making this step, not only because of the language and cultural riches, but because these countries are the epicentres of pop culture and innovation.

Courage, openness to the world, a breaking down of language barriers – these are the traits which distinguish our young people, and which can develop and honed by choosing to study abroad. They will gain amazing experiences, be able to immerse themselves in a foreign language and make friends from all around the globe.

Choosing a high school abroad is a great way of breaking out of your comfort zone — a number of years at a foreign high school will confront young people with a new reality, which will inspire them to become independent and aware of the many questions and solutions posed by a new environment. This will only enhance their work prospects. Knowledge can be gained through learning at school, while studying abroad is not simply a matter of digesting books. The English-speaking world’s education system leads towards practical experience and gaining knowledge as well as competencies.

The UK

As we all know, in spite of its smalls size, the UK is a major player on the world stage. It’s where Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking received their education. The UK has a rich literary heritage, which produced Shakespeare, and has made a huge contribution to the world of the arts and music. UK give us the Beatles and Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and Stormzy. In addition, the country’s education system is among the best in the world, which makes it very popular with ambitious high achievers. All of them want to broaden their horizons and get the best possible teaching available in their field. For them, it is only logical to apply to the UK’s most prestigious universities, by taking the well-tested route of starting their educational journey at a British high school. So if you are dreaming of becoming an artist or an international lawyer, a doctor or an architect, start by applying to a British high school. Aim high!


Getting a high school education in the USA will allow you to enjoy a huge range of extracurricular activities and discover talents you did not know you possessed. You will be able to travel widely and get inspiration, and find out what it is like to live in an American family. During the holidays, it is worth considering taking additional courses, or signing up for the hugely popular Work and Travel program.

Graduating from an American high school is the best way of maximising your chances of getting into one of the top ten universities in the world — like Stanford, Yale or Harvard. Don’t ignore all the amazing possibilities which will open up to you if you attend a US high school. Studying abroad will not only provide you with a vast body of specialist knowledge, but it will also change your life, your attitudes and your prospects.

In addition, one of the Elab Education Laboratory’s partners is Amerigo Education, which advises and helps in applying for studies at a high school in the United States. Amerigo works with several high schools in the most beautiful locations of the United States, such as California, Massachusetts and Virginia. These are top schools offering high standards of education.

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