Our applicants' stories

Choosing to study in London

I have been thinking about going to a university abroad for a couple of years. I have always loved to travel, discover new places and meet new people. I started learning English very early in my childhood and one summer me and my whole family went to London for summer holidays. This made me realise that…


Studying in Scotland

When I told my friends that I was thinking of studying in Scotland, I was greeted with a chorus of comments about “haggis” “Loch Ness monster”, “kilts” and Braveheart. But Scotland is so much more than these clichés. I had visited Scotland the previous summer and was blown away by the sheer beauty of the…

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High School

Questions you need to ask when choosing to go to a high school abroad

If you are reading this, then it probably means that this is a moment in your life when you are considering studying abroad. Maybe you have been tempted by the thought of the excellent teaching at the universities, maybe you want to study in a multicultural environment, or maybe you are thinking about the high…

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General Our applicants' stories

Success Story. I decided to study abroad and I don’t regret it!

Everything started just before my third year of high school, when I still had no idea what I might want to study – all I knew was that it definitely wouldn’t be maths. I sat down in front of my laptop and typed in “study options” and the first thing that I saw was Elab.…

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Applying to study in the Netherlands

Applications to study in the Netherlands are processed through the centralised StudieLink system, which opens at the beginning of the school year – a year before you are planning to start your course. Dutch universities have a number of application deadlines. Some of them will accept applications until the very last minute, whereas others –…