Studying in Scotland

When I told my friends that I was thinking of studying in Scotland, I was greeted with a chorus of comments about “haggis” “Loch Ness monster”, “kilts” and Braveheart. But Scotland is so much more than these clichés. I had visited Scotland the previous summer and was blown away by the sheer beauty of the…

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High School

Why choose a high school abroad?

Great Britain and the USA are the favourite destinations of young people who want to attend a high school abroad. Most young people dream of making this step, not only because of the language and cultural riches, but because these countries  are the epicentres of pop culture and innovation. Courage, openness to the world, a…

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Applying to study in the Netherlands

Applications to study in the Netherlands are processed through the centralised StudieLink system, which opens at the beginning of the school year – a year before you are planning to start your course. Dutch universities have a number of application deadlines. Some of them will accept applications until the very last minute, whereas others –…

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United Kingdom

Why study in England?

If someone had told me in my first or second year at secondary school that, in the future, I would be studying in London, I don’t think I would have believed them. I’m an example of the fact that even if you decide to study abroad quite late in the day, you can still get…

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United Kingdom

UCAS Applications

Acronyms and systems seem far more daunting than they are in reality, so here is a short explanation of how UCAS works, what it does and the part you have to play in sending off your application to study in the UK. The UK has a centralised application process for undergraduate courses, known as UCAS,…