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Extracurricular activities

Why do extracurricular activities matter? Extracurricular activities matter a lot! The average university application assessor deals with literally hundreds of extremely similar requests for a place every year. Applicants all have good grades, have passed their exams with distinction. They invariably note that they are “passionate” about the subject they want to study in their…


Careers of the future

According to the IFTF, the majority of careers of the future have not yet been invented in 2023. One thing which we have learned from recent history, is that there is no point in fighting to freeze time and prevent change and progress. The industrial revolution of the late eighteenth to the mid- nineteenth century…

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The GAMSAT The Graduate Medical School Admission Test, or GAMSAT, is used to select candidates for admission  to a Graduate Entry Program to study dentistry, medicine, optometry, veterinary science and pharmacy in the UK, Australia and Ireland. Over ten thousand people sit the test every year. GAMSAT evaluates general skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and basic…

Studying in the Maastricht University
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Maastricht University

An overview: Established in 1976, Maastricht University is a public research university, ranked sixth, globally, in new university listings. It has established an excellent reputation in a range of subjects, including biological psychology, law, business and economics, and clinical and health studies. Maastricht itself is situated in the southeast of the Netherlands. This historic and…

Writing motivation letter to the university
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How to write a motivational letter

Motivational letter vs Personal Statement. The difference Motivational letters are not identical to personal statements. They focus on the future: your plans, career objectives. In short, the reasons why doing a particular course at a specific university is essential to your development and your master plan. Personal statements, in contrast, tend to dwell on past…