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The UK is the most popular and highly rated destination for international students. Its world-class universities, vibrant, multicultural campuses and outstanding teaching and research facilities attract applications from across the globe. In 2017,over 450,000 international students chose to enrol at one of the 106 UK public universities, the second largest destination after the US, and 86 per cent rated their experience as “excellent”.

The UK is also one of the world’s top research nations, with 15.2 percent of all quoted research articles being written by British post-graduates and, overall, research output and quality exceed the world benchmark by 3.6 per cent.

UK research departments work with business and industry, forming partnerships with companies such as  Samsung, Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline, Boeing, the BBC and Rolls Royce, as well as thousands of SMEs across Britain, to tackle issues and challenges facing society.

Standard Application Service

Elab offers a free application service to applicants who have a clear idea of the subject they wish to study and where they would like to enrol. Your elab consultant will prepare a general report on up to five universities, provide you with personal statement guidelines and check that you have all the necessary documentation to upload to UCAS, the UK central application hub.

Elab will provide you with information on cut-off dates and the various stages of the application process: from submitting your application, to receiving a conditional or unconditional offer, or an invitation to attend an interview.

Premium Application Service

If you are unsure of what you want to study, or are torn between a number of subjects and are looking for extra help in making the right decision, then contact elab and let us guide you. Our premium programme is designed for young people who are looking for personalised, tailor-made support, and will provide you with all the information, resources and practical help you need . Why not join our popular Get Ready 2 Study Programme, which will help you discover where your skills lie and how you can develop them, through a series of workshops which examine academic options and career paths?

Elab also offers a range of diagnostic tests, including Gallup and Morrisby, which will determine your strengths and talents and show you potential courses and career paths which match your abilities and interests. 

Our premium application programme also includes an editing and proofreading service, so that you can be sure your personal statement and references are well constructed, grammatically correct and maximise your chances of being offered a place.
In addition, Elab’s bespoke, premium programme offers a broad range of workshops and courses, to prepare applicants for UK entrance tests , as well as one-to-one tuition and portfolio evaluation.

Entrance examinations depend on two factors: where you are applying to study and the course you have chosen. In addition, most universities require an IELTS pass of 6-7.5. Our workshops will make sure you are well-prepared for the tests you will be sitting, know how to organise your time and have learned the terminology and techniques which will help you gain an outstanding score. Contact elab for details and workshop dates.

Whatever your needs, Elab can help you, so contact us and let us work together to prepare a professional application to study in the UK.

High school applications

If you are interested in applying to a high school in the UK, we can help you.
Elab will provide you with comprehensive information on British high schools, their entry requirements, costs and curricula, and support you in deciding where you would like to attend high school, and the type of study and social setting you would most enjoy. Once we have narrowed down the large number of high schools to your preferred destinations, we will help you fill in the application forms and organise the documentary evidence you will need to submit to the schools.

Some applicants may want to take part in a revision workshop or get one-to-one tuition in a single or several subjects. Elab will arrange all this for you. If you are interested in sitting an English language IELTS exam we offer both intensive and basic IELTS workshops,which run throughout the year.

Accommodation and visas

Studying abroad is an exciting and wonderful opportunity to meet others, to learn and to enjoy a new culture Nevertheless, there are certain practical details which need to be organised before you get on the plane to your new life – and accommodation and visas come at the head of the queue.

Rather than surfing the web and blindly following Google, why not let elab give you up-to-date information and help with finding your accommodation?

Elab’s Italian office can recommend estate and letting agents, explain rental agreements and the law, check prices and the availability of university dorms and offer suggestions on securing the ideal shared house, room or flat for your budget and your location. Contact us today.

Elab will advise applicants on Italian visa requirements for students and, should you be coming from outside the EU, provide you with a list of supporting documents you need for a student visa, along with information on the process, costs and when you need begin your application .Visas can take some time to be processed, so contact elab today!

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