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Study in Ireland –  a popular choice for students everywhere! 

The Emerald Isle is not only famous for its Guinness, national rugby team and leprechauns – but also for its excellent universities and welcoming environment.

Ireland has produced wonderful poets such as W.B. Yeats, writers like James Joyce, and actors and musicians aplenty, including Bono, Enya and  Pierce Brosnan. Bram Stoker first dreamt up his Dracula while striding the walkways of Trinity College, Dublin, in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde, another notable Trinity alumnus. 

Enjoy the Craic

The Irish pride themselves on their humour, friendliness and  having fun. You too will be able to “enjoy the Craic”, a catch-all phrase for entertaining nights out, great concerts or sporting events,  lively conversations and every kind of brilliant social  activity you can imagine – and others you have yet to experience.


Study in Ireland – medicine, biotechnology, computer science and more.

Although Ireland has always produced visionaries and artists, it also has a strong reputation for offering high-quality  courses in medicine, biotechnology, mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering, computer science and econometrics. So whether you are a creative dreamer or interested in acquiring practical knowledge and skills, Ireland has a specialty for you, and offers 5000 internationally-recognised qualifications.

Tuition Fees and Entry Requirement

The Irish government subsidises tuition fees for domestic and EU students, so all you will have to pay is the  registration fee of 3000 euros, which also  covers the cost of your examinations. EU students are eligible to apply for a broad range of scholarships, grants and bursaries and do not require a visa to study in Ireland.

Entry requirements vary from course to course, so contact Elab for up to date information. You will normally have to submit your secondary school results, a certificate of language proficiency and a personal statement.  Get in touch and we will guide you through the application process, deadlines and admission procedures.

Study in Ireland – where? 

Let us help you choose the right option, the best location  and put together a robust and well-structured application to study for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Ireland. Over the last decade, increasing numbers of international students have been flocking to Irish universities, attracted by the excellence of the teaching and the reasonable costs of gaining a first-class education.

While Dublin is usually the first place students consider applying to , because it is the capital, why not  look at the National University of Ireland, located in Galway on the west coast, which is known as the cultural heart of Ireland?

Or perhaps you might enjoy studying at University College Cork, the country’s foodie capital, or somewhere smaller like the University of Limerick, perched on the banks of the River Shannon?

Whatever your  preferences, Elab’s consultants can give you the information you need to make an informed choice of university.

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