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Denmark is ranked the happiest country in the world for good reason and offers international students excellent academic teaching, modern facilities and resources, and a warm welcome. EU students do not pay course fees and are eligible to work and apply for social grants . The Danish education system focusses on learning in small groups and has a  distinct emphasis on developing  practical skills, which meet the needs of the business community. Danish universities have strong ties with industry, the manufacturing sector and global corporations.


Elab will help you to find the course which suits your ultimate professional goals, and guide you through the many combinations of fields and courses open to you in Denmark. Danish universities  use a two-stage approach : students begin by gaining an AP  (Academy Profession) degree, which lasts for two-two and a half years; next, they study for a further 18-24 months to convert their AP qualification into a bachelor’s degree.

Danish universities view the evolving needs of the job market as critical to the education they offer, and want their students to leave with the experience which will make them sought-after employees. As a result, students find themselves working on projects in cooperation with global companies, go abroad on placements in order to gain an international outlook and gain work experience in relevant fields. Elab will help you decide which combination of subjects best suits your long-term ambitions, and guide you through the documentation you need to submit through the central OPTAGELSE system. The  window for applications is a short one, opening in February and shutting in March, so make sure you come to elab as early as possible .Together, we can decide which eight universities you would like to apply to, and start putting together a professional application.

English Language Courses

You will need to sit an online Oxford Placement Test,  which can be done at elab’s office. In addition, we can  provide
revision workshops and classes, 
one-to-one tuition, before you take the test. 

Accommodation and visas

Elab will help you with visa requirements, if applicable, provide information on how to secure the right of abode and a social security number, and give you  advice on how to find a student residence or private accommodation throughout Denmark.

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