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Operations are split into: Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Admin. Customer Service comprises two areas of expertise: Premium Consultant Team – who deal with more complex clients applying to the top 50 universities in the world, and the Agency Team – who deal with the more standard applications to study in the UK, Denmark or The Netherlands on a pro-bono basis.

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Elab Ambassador Program is a great way for you to share your knowledge and experience with younger (but equally ambitious) students. This is a rewarding and rare opportunity to take the role of a trusted mentor and shape someone else’s career path and life. If you’re brave and responsible, and have a ambition to help others up and share your higher education tips, don’t be afraid to schedule an orientation call with Elab!

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Ambassador Program is a chance for experiences and successful students to share their learnings to those who begin their abroad education journey.

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It depends on how much time you have, but typically you’ll assist other students in formulating and submitting college applications and assisting them in the process.

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No, unfortunately at this moment we cannot offer financial compensation. However, bear in mind that being an Ambassador is a great way to make friends and do rewarding work.

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Sign up for a call with Elab and we’ll explain you all the details and the process of becoming an Ambassador. If we find a common ground, we’ll introduce you to your mentees shortly.

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