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How do I get to college?

How do I get to study abroad? Universities abroad differ in terms of recruitment deadlines, requirements, costs. Moreover, much also depends on the country to which you want to apply to study abroad.

So how do you get to study abroad? What should I do to further increase the chances of a successful application? And what do you need to pack for your first year of dream studies?

Application to foreign universities is not always obvious.

In view of the above, we present a compendium of knowledge below. Here you will find the most important information about studying abroad, divided into the most popular countries where you can study. In addition, our compendium is also an overview of specific universities. Find out what makes your university stand out and characterizes how it ranks against others you based on the QS global ranking.

How to get to college in ...?

We have prepared a detailed description of how to get to college depending on the country you choose. Find out what the application process looks like in the USA, UK,Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands or Italy. What’s more, you’re also waiting for information on the choice of universities and majors, as well as portfolio or entrance exam guidance. Find out what level your IELTS language exam score should be. Review the interview policy and the deadline for submitting the application form. Explore the practical side of studying in your chosen city and read the stories of those whose dream of studying abroad is just fulfilling.

What will our compendium help with?

We hope that the knowledge gathered will first of all inspire you in choosing the ideal field of study. In addition, we hope that it will also help you with a later application for college. However, if you have any further questions, you can contact us with the go ahead. Call or emailus because we are here for you.

jak się dostać na studia w USA MBA w stanach czy Europie


Jak się dostać na studia w wielkiej brytanii


jak się dostać na studia we włoszech


The Netherlands

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Universities in ireland - Università in Irlanda - Uniwersytety w Irlandii


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Vienna - Austria


Study abroad in Cyprus


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