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You’ve come a long journey. But ultimately you’ve found us! The experts in higher education. The journey now is certainly not less demanding, but we’ll make it easier for you. The first step in this journey is a call with us. Let’s meet each other and start creating your perfect application. Schedule a call below!

Scheduling a call will take you just a few minutes. Choose the type of help, Elab consultant and convenient time to chat. That’s about it.

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Am I charged for scheduling a call?

No. Schedule a call and we’ll help you as much as you can for free. You can hire us for professional services later, but first call is free. 

How long is the consultation?

It depends on you. Some of you will already have some knowledge on the application process, while other don’t. 

Are the consultants experts?

We have the strongest consultant team in the market. Our consultants have submitted hundreds if not thousands of applications.

Will I receive any additional materials?

We’ll answer your questions, first of all. Second, at Elab we have a lot of supplementary material, so ask us for these on the call.