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Where can I buy…? How to pack light

Where can I buy…? Shopping for students

There is no way that you will be able to fit everything you need into your luggage. How  can you survive moving abroad as a student?

Where can I buy everything? The question every student asks themselves. You had to leave behind a lot of things, because they didn’t fit your suitcase? Students will probably have to set out on a shopping trip virtually as soon as they reach the UK. In theory you should be able to gather up pots and pans, bed linen and stock up on rice in Poland, but to be honest there is no point to doing so, since you can easily buy all these things once you have moved abroad.

If you are going to be living in a large town, the task is much easier, because all you have to do is find out where the nearest IKEA is located and get everything under one roof. If, like me, you are studying in a small town, and it would cost you an absolute fortune to get a taxi to IKEA,  then you will have to ask yourself:

Where can I buy bed linen, plates, bowls and frying pans?

  • Wilko!

This shop  stocks all the basics at a very reasonable price. Or try:

  • TK Maxx
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Tesco

Most supermarkets sell basic home wares, kitchen equipment and pillows and duvets.

Where do I get a SIM card for my mobile?

I bought mine at a Vodafone shop and can highly recommend it. The whole transaction, including inserting my new SIM into my phone, took less than ten minutes.

What about buying my favourite Polish sweets?

You should immediately track down your local Polish shops, because that’s where you will find  Polish sweets,  dried goods and tasty bakery products (and I am certain that the time will come when you are heartily sick of eating toast!)

On top of that, you will find a Polish shelf in Tesco and other supermarkets!

A drier for the washing?

  • Wilko
  • Tesco
  • Or (and I think this is the best idea) simply do not buy one!

From my own experience, I am sure you will still end up paying to use a tumble drier  for your washing, because you’ll always have something that needs to be dry “right now”.

A few words about starter packs:

Most halls of residence  will send out information, once you have paid the deposit, about starter packs. These are usually divided into kitchen and bedroom . The kitchen pack will have bowls, plates, mugs, cutlery, frying pans, pots , baking equipment, lunchboxes and so on. The bedroom pack will have sheets and pillowcases.

I decided to buy the bedroom pack so I would not have to run around  looking for a shop which sells bed linen  on moving into halls, and I probably would not have had the time for this, because our Freshers’ Fortnight started at 6pm on the day I arrived. The quality varies according to the supply company used by your university. Are they worth the money? Yes and No. They certainly make moving to a new country much easier, but I can’t hide the fact that what you  might buy in  your local shops  would probably come out cheaper and be of better quality.

When you start packing to go abroad to study, begin by choosing personal things, and take whatever will make you feel close to your family and friends and help you survive being away from home. After all, you already know where to buy the practical things you will need. All that’s left for me to say  is to wish you a smooth journey!

Alicja, Loughborough University