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United Kingdom

When is it best to send your UCAS application?

The first opportunity to start applying to study in the UK comes in September, when the UCAS system opens and you can begin filling in and sending off your applications to various universities.

As you no doubt realise, this means that you are applying before your secondary school results have come in, which is not the case in Poland.

When should you start sending off your applications? I’ll answer you in detail!

Preparing to send your UCAS application

We all set about preparing our applications at different times. Some people start writing their personal statements during the summer, others leave it to the very last minute. Remember that you need to send a number of documents as well as the actual application form, namely:

  • A personal statement of no more than 4000 characters, including spaces, which explains why you are interested in the course.
  • A reference from a teacher, which cannot exceed the above length.

If you are well-organised, it should not take you more than two to three weeks to get these documents ready and send your UCAS application. As soon as you have them,send off your application straight away. When should I send it? Well, it’s a simple answer – the sooner, the better.

Don’t miss the deadlines

The UK has three application deadlines:

15 October — this is for applications to Oxford, Cambridge, and courses in medicine and veterinary science. This deadline will not be extended.

15 January — this is the deadline for every other course and university.If you get your application in on time, the university is obliged to read and consider it.

30 June — this is the final date for application submissions. But remember, the better universities are less likely to offer you a place if you are sending in your application after 15 January.

So when it comes to answering the question, “When should I send off my application?” my answer is Do it now! Early applications will get quicker responses and that means you will have a clear idea of the grades you have to get in your exams in order to secure a place (the universities will get in touch through UCAS and email). In addition, you’ll also realise how much work you need to put in to get the grades you need. If you already have a personal Elab consultant, send them your documents to check. If you don’t have your own Elab consultant, get in touch with us!

Good luck!