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Student loans to cover tuition fees in the UK

Learn how you can pay your tuition fee at university

The most popular way of covering undergraduate tuition fees in the UK is to apply for a government loan. Every citizen of the UK has the right to apply for this funding, and the amount you receive depends on the country where you will be studying.

  • You will receive £9,250 if you are studying at an English public university and £6000  at an English  private university.
  • In Wales, the loan totals £9250.
  • Tuition is free at Scottish universities, because the Scottish government covers the entire cost of the tuition fees, which  comes to £1,820.

All applications for financial help have to be submitted to Student Finance in the April of the year in which you will be starting your course. Loans are awarded for a year at a time, so you will need to reapply in each subsequent year.

Paying back the loan

The loan starts to be paid off a year after graduation , and only if you are earning above £25,750 in the UK or more than PLN74,000 in Poland  – and if your earnings drop below these thresholds repayments can be suspended. The loan is wiped out after 30 years if the threshold has not been reached over this period.

How do I calculate monthly loan repayments?

  • Calculate your annual salary, minus £25,000.
  • Take 9 per cent of this sum.
  • Divide the result into 12 monthly repayments, rounded up to the nearest pound.
  • For example: If you are earning £30,000, which is a good salary, and subtract £25,000, you are left with £5000.

              9 per cent of £5000 is £450.

            £450 divided by 12= £37.50 per month, rounded up to £38. This is your monthly repayment.

Scholarships will help you pay your tuition fees

Scholarships are not the most popular or widely used means of financing your studies at UK universities. It is essential to apply well in advance, and the sums in question are quite small. The average scholarship falls somewhere in the region of £1000-£1500 per year, and is applied to reduce tuition fees.

The exceptions to this general rule are Oxford and Cambridge, the most prestigious universities in the UK, which  officially forbid their students from taking any full time jobs, since they believe students should be totally committed to their academic  work. As a result, both universities provide generous scholarships and financial support.

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