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Master in Business Administration

Master in Business Administration – am I the ideal candidate? Master in Business Administration – what is it exactly? The MBA, or Master in Business Administration, is a highly sought-after qualification, which significantly improves career prospects, invariably leads to fast-track promotion and can even allow you to change directions in your professional sector. The various…


Postgraduate Abroad

Postgraduate studies abroad Does it make good sense to study for a postgraduate degree abroad? Postgraduate studies provide you with an opportunity to hone your skills, and broaden your knowledge in your subject. It’s generally a sensible and conscious choice – and many more people, not simply recent graduates, are now starting to apply for…

postgraduate studies
United Kingdom

Postgraduate studies in England

Do you want to start postgraduate studies? Postgraduate studies – Over half a million individuals are currently studying for their postgraduate degrees in the UK, and while their choices of courses are very different, the reasons they give for carrying on with their studies are quite similar. Postgraduate degrees are an investment in your future,…

Help your child study abroad

Webinar: Help your child study abroad Find out how you can assist your child in the process of choosing their education path. Help your child study abroad – take part in our webinar! How to support a future student in choosing a field of study and university? Is high school abroad a better start into…