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Studying abroad – financial support

How does Intesa Sanpaolo support work?

Intesa Sanpaolo loan per Merito is the perfect solution to receive financial support for your studies abroad and to have tuition fees as well as living costs covered by this fantastic option made available by the Intesa Sanpaolo group.

How do I apply for Per Merito?

Obtaining the funds is very simple: Elab Education Laboratory, as an official partner of Intesa Sanpaolo, will support you in the selection of the different financeable solutions (both undergraduates and postgraduates courses) as well as in the whole application process so to guarantee you will receive the loan

No family guarantees needed!

One of the most appreciated features of per Merito is that you will be able to receive the funds without asking your family to guarantee for you.

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Study abroad with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo

How can I realize my dream of studying abroad? Discover per Merito loan by Intesa Sanpaolo for your university projects!

How much can I receive?

The maximum amount that can be obtained is 50,000€.

This amount can be used for tuition fees, rent, living costs.

How does the loan work?

The sums will be made available to you every semester start, given the 80% of the exams to be passed (or 20 equivalent credits).

When and how will I repay per Merito?

After you will end of your studies (for the entire duration of your course) you will have 24 months during which you will not have to repay. After this period you will need to start repaying the loan.

There are 3 options for repayment: one solution, with a personal loan, and mixed solution.

How does personal loan work?

The loan offers an extremely competitive interest rate (max. 1,13%), considering that you will have the opportunity to start repaying the loan only 24-months after finishing your studies

The repayment plan can last a maximum of 30 years.

What are the requirements to receive the student loan?

You will have to comply with the simple requirements of age (minimum 18 years), being resident in Italy (or registered with AIRE – Register of the Italians Abroad). In case you are a foreign citizens you will simply need the Italian identity card confirming you are resident in Italy.
Furthermore, you will have to pass 80% of every semester exams, have received communication of acceptance of registration from the foreign university and the minimum grades required to receive the funds are:

  • Diploma min 70/100 for Bachelors
  • Bachelors grade min 100/110 for I level Masters
  • Bachelors grade min 108/110 for II level Masters

How do I know more about per Merito?

Elab is here to help you to find the best solution to fund your studies abroad: contact us and find out how to start your journey!

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