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Study Virology Abroad – At a time when coronavirus – Covid-19 – is sweeping across the world, devastating families and communities, the importance of virology has come into sharp focus. Virology is essentially the study of viral agents which cause diseases in humans, their molecular biology, natural history, the origins, progress and development of diseases, and the patterns and potential methods for controlling  their spread.

There is a limited number of first degree courses on virology as a stand-alone subject. However, undergraduate biomedical science courses include modules on virology – which is often classified as a part of microbiology  -and offer  units on epidemiology and immunology, which focus on the causes and consequences of diseases. As well as studying life processes, biomedical science degrees evaluate the issues associated with creating vaccines and the pathology of viruses, something which the current pandemic has underlined. You could be the person who saves us, the individual who finds the missing link, discovers a way of neutralising coronavirus or designs a vaccine which preserves countless lives!

If you are already studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary science, why not consider joining a BSc course in Virology and Immunology or Infectious Diseases  for a year? You could suspend your  medical degree and take a year to explore a vital and complementary subject, while gaining new skills in the process. You could even make  the critical breakthrough we are all waiting for in the battle against coronavirus…

Virology can be studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. You can choose between doing an MSc in Medical and Molecular Virology, or Molecular Biology and the Pathology of Viruses , as taught Master’s degrees. Alternatively, you could do an MPhil in Medical Virology or a MRes in Virology. The choice you make depends on whether you want a taught course, or one which emphasises independent research .

With the exception of the variola virus which caused smallpox, viruses  are rarely totally  eradicated, but go underground , only to re-emerge at another time. Vaccination is crucial to prevent pandemics,  and SARS, Ebola, MERS CoV, Avian flu A  and now Covid-19, the coronavirus , therefore pose an ongoing threat to human health

The study of virology has never been as essential and important as it is today. We need more virologists, more fresh ideas and  scientific insights. Pick your course, contact Elab  and join the fight against coronavirus  by enrolling to study virology. 

We have a full portfolio of universities where you can study virology, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Where you decide to apply depends on a number of factors: your maturita results, English level, and  academic background and achievements. 

Don’t  hesitate to contact Elab if you want to know more, or you have any additional questions about these  or any other courses. 

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