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United States

Studying in the USA: Road to NYC

What do you think of the idea of going to study in the USA? It’s a wonderful adventure and you should look into it, like I did a year ago!


This year I finished high school in Warsaw, and sat the IB, with extended geography, economics and Polish, which probably supported my application, because I was focussing on the subjects which would be useful during my studies. In the UK, your choice of subjects has to be linked to what you want to do at university, but this is not the case in the USA. The first undergraduate year is very general and you will get credits for preparatory courses (like creative writing  or specific areas of maths), which will be useful later on in your studies — and remember first degrees take four years in the US, as opposed to three in Europe. As a result, the universities are quite prepared for the students to change their minds about what they want to do in the first year, and totally change direction. But let’s get back to the IB. I think that it’s really worth doing, if you get the opportunity, since a number of universities will give you extra credits for having passed it, which will count towards the mandatory  units you have to do (in this case, your course choices matter).Nevertheless you have to be prepared to work really hard, because the IB is a time and effort-intensive program, and prepares its students for the demanding work they will be doing at the world’s best universities.

Why should I study in the USA?

I always wanted to study in the USA — probably because the area I am most interested in is highly developed in the States. But putting this to one side, I believe that the American education system has an excellent approach to its students. For a start, all the institutions are extremely well organised. For example, they provide online courses, with films, questions and hypothetical problems, to resolve, about campus safety before you actually enroll. Each section ends in a quiz, and new students get to feel really well prepared for their campus life and know how to react when difficult situations arise. The course is split into two parts, and unless you finish and pass it, you cannot start your study program.

In addition, universities in the USA are incredibly flexible in every respect. For example, you can take majors and minors from completely different academic areas (physics and acting!) and end up leaving with a diploma in both. Universities have thousands of societies and clubs, political, sporting, hobby clubs alike, and you can represent your college in matches against other universities not only in the USA, but all over the world. American universities make you feel part of the community, and as if you belong and matter. Studying abroad is not merely a matter of getting a diploma. You will meet people from all over the world, work with the best experts in your field and the international experience you gain is highly valued by recruiters. What is more, the experience will open your eyes to a raft of possibilities which are yours to explore all over the globe.

NY Love at First Sight

After visiting New York I was certain that I wanted to study there. Although I was only in the city for two days, I simply fell in love. New York offers everything and you will find whatever you are looking for. It’s also a place which never sleeps, and so you can take advantage of living there 24/7. NYU is situated slap bang in the middle of Manhattan by Washington Square, and does not have a closed-in campus as such, but thanks to this its students feel part of the university and of the city itself.

New York University

I chose to study engineering at NYU, and the department is located in a brand new building. I want to take part in building a new Tandon community through its program which supports the rights of women in STEM. In addition, Tandon offers a fascinating range of technological innovations, which are complemented by the frequent events organised in school. The engineering building is up to date and inspires students to work hard. It’s the only NJU department located in Brooklyn, which has been undergoing a gentrification and is now the city’s art and technology hub.

So go ahead and apply to study in the USA. You won’t regret making this decision. It’s an unforgettable adventure and a fresh, exciting experience.